When you decide to have a new ecommerce website to sell your products or services with a competitive edge, the quality of website decides the success rate. You may be good in providing services or selling the premium quality products, but you may not be a good judge to evaluate the quality of offered ecommerce web design. Therefore, prior to hiring an efficient Ecommerce Website Design Company, you must know 6 dos and 5 don’ts.

6 Dos to Have a Competitive Ecommerce Web Design:

1. Remarkable Logo: A recognizable and memorable logo is a primary element to get the trust of online shoppers. An eye-catching image, video about the company and ‘Buy’ buttons support the excellence of ecommerce design.

2. Deals & Freebies: The most powerful sales factors that attract the shoppers are – freebies, discounted deals and support. Most of shoppers decide to buy under the influence of freebies, discounted deals, slashed prices, free shipping like factors. An experienced Ecommerce Website Development Expert understands – how to allure the potential buyers.

3. Latest News & Popular Products: The Ecommerce website designs, having a special segment for the latest news and the popular products, retain the visitors for the longer period.

4. Brand Products: Brands have their own importance and social recognition; you must use the power of popular brands to convince the shoppers. All the popular brands, you deal in, should appear at the front page.

5. Shopping Cart, Search Box, Login Box: Shopping-cart, search box, and login box are the imperative features of any successful ecommerce design. ‘Basket’ is the popular shopping cart icon; you can use it or the other one similar to it.

6. Social Media Buttons: Almost 20% ecommerce purchases are done only after being convinced with the presence of ecommerce store at popular social media platforms. Remarks and communities are the assets for any ecommerce store.

5 Don’ts to Have The Perfect Ecommerce Web Development:

1. Selection of the Wrong Platform: The right selection of web design platform significantly contributes in the success of e-store’s success. Most often, the Ecommerce development companies with little experience or almost no experience commit a mistake here. The popular ecommerce development programs are – Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc.

2. Action without Strategy: Before hiring an ecommerce designer, you should be ready with your business model defining the market, buyers, supply management, service, support, marketing etc.

3. Missing Trust Factors: Never miss the trust factors like SSL certificate, terms of use, privacy policy, refund/exchange policy etc.

4. Underestimation of the Mobile Audience: Mobile commerce represents almost 34% of global e-commerce; and, the percentage is sure to increase in future.

5. No Contact Information: Don’t use the contact form as the substitute of furnishing contact details including email address, customer care numbers, office address, phone numbers etc.

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