SEO is still the best way to make businesses more visible in the Web-driven world and it is a core part of a Web presence every day. Though the concept of SEO is familiar to most, there are a number of mistruths about SEO. Here are some of the truths.

1. SEO is Complicated

It is a common sentiment that SEO is ‘fairly simple’. However, SEO is anything but. SEO is actually quite complicated. Though there are indeed basic, overarching concepts that can be applied to most businesses and websites, there is no such point-and-click solution. Every business is different and therefore every business needs to optimise their SEO differently.

2. SEO is Not Instant

SEO is generally part of a long-term digital marketing process and does not work instantly. SEO allows businesses to achieve more profile in the organic search results where most conduct their clicking searches. Results can take up to six months to arrive. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time for Google’s crawlers to find optimization changes and to build trust with your site. It takes time to build the links that make your site reputable.

3. SEO is not permanent

The sentiment seems to be that, once the first page goal has been achieved for the business, there is no need to renew SEO for the business.

By maintaining their program which has been custom-built from the ground up, businesses will continue to be in the search engine results in which they want to be. Constant maintenance and impetus is needed to make SEO work.

4. SEO is best utilised as part of a digital marketing strategy

As important as SEO is, businesses need a complete web experience and pillars in order to be properly successful. These other pillars include; social media, mobile websites, blogging and PPC just to name a few. The more content and marketing strategies available, the more chance of success for the business

5. SEO is definitive.
Like many digital marketing processes, the clue is in the details and the right keywords, links and optimisation needs to be used. Businesses need to use relevant keywords and phrases that will get the best results.

SEO is complicated and is always reinventing itself. Overall, it is perhaps the most effective way to bring more attention to businesses. When fully understood with a clear strategy and set of determined results as well as utilised with other digital marketing processes, SEO is made even more useful to the business.

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