Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, are the strategies used for improving search results for your website when somebody searches for a particular keyword or set of keywords. Below are 5 handy search engine optimization tips that can be used on any website to improve your rankings.

1. Use The Right Keywords.

Keywords are one of the most important factors for your search engine ranking. If your keyword phrases are too generic it is very unlikely you will rank well. Try to use specific keyword phrases and not just single keywords. You stand a far better chance to rank well for specific phrases where there is less competition. The resulting traffic will also be much higher quality as it will be more targeted.

2. Check The Layout Of Your Page.

Insert keywords into the title of your web pages (called a H1 heading) and into the subtitles on the page (H2 and H3 heading). Search engines focus on the words in your headings as they use them as indications to the main subject of the page. Keep your paragraphs short, use bullet points and make your written content easy to read.

3. Tag Your Website Images.

Search engines cannot read images but they can read the descriptions that you give to your images. Image ‘alt text’ is the text substitute for an image on a web page. An ‘alt image tag’ are the words that a website visitor reads when they move their cursor over an image and those words are also read by the search engine, so ensure that you tag your website images with a keyword.

4. Generate Backlinks.

Another way how to improve rankings is with article marketing. When you write an article with a link back to your website and it is published on an article directory, that link is considered a backlink. Article directories are some of the most visited sites on the planet and backinks from them show the search spiders that your website has valuable content and the more relevant backlinks your website has, the better your search rankings will be.

5. Create Quality Content.

The job of a search engine is to supply links to the answers or information that users are searching for when they use it. Therefore, your website has to provide useful, relevant and frequently updated content for people to actually be able to read and understand. Remember that your content is there to be read by people, not just by search engines. If you try to improve your results with a page full of keywords your website may be blacklisted as spam and will be ignored by any search results.

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