Sending the right message to your email subscribers will ensure a higher open and click rate, which translates into increased online traffic and, of course, revenue.

But what exactly should you write in your next email?

There are a lot of ideas that you can incorporate into your email marketing campaign, ranging from special holiday and inventory sales to free gift wrapping and shipping services.

Here below we list 5 ideas to consider for your email marketing campaigns this holiday season.

Campaign Idea #1 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

At this time of the year, people are busy window shopping for products which they plan to buy on Black Friday, Nov. 24, and Cyber Monday, Nov. 27.

If your online store is going to run a special sale on these profitable days, come up with an email informing your subscribers about it. Invite them to check out your best offers or buy now to enjoy big discounts.

Campaign Idea #2 Gift Ideas

Everyone’s excitement for the upcoming holidays is starting to fill the air, so take advantage of it by preparing a list of gift ideas for your customers.

See to it that your email includes your store’s best buys, which are aligned with your customers’ shopping plans.

This kind of email works in two ways: Your existing customers will either buy the items on your list or forward it to friends and family members who can turn out to be potential customers of your store.

Campaign Idea #3 Free Gift-Wrapping Services

Shopping for presents is already time-consuming, let alone wrapping them.

Having said that, who wouldn’t appreciate a store that offers free gift-wrapping services?

Send out an email encouraging your subscribers to shop and meet the minimum threshold at your store to avail of this service.

You’re at liberty to limit the free gift-wrapping option to specific products or categories if you wish to do so.

Campaign Idea #4 Shipping Promos and Deadlines

You don’t want to take the blame if the presents that your customers ordered aren’t delivered in time for the gift-opening party, do you?

To avoid that and ensure that their gifts arrive on or before Christmas, send out an email which states your shipping deadlines.

Like the free gift-wrapping option, you can also offer free shipping on products that meet a certain threshold.

More often than not, it achieves two things in favour of sellers: 1. Shoppers buy more items to qualify for free shipping and 2. Sellers win customer loyalty

Campaign Idea #5 Send Your Thanks and Ask for Feedback

Let your customers know how valuable they are to your company and that you appreciate their business by sending them a thank-you email after they’ve made a purchase at your online store.

Then ask them what they thought of the product that they bought and if they could leave a short but honest review about it on your website.

Rest assured, your customers will appreciate that you value their opinions and will want to do business with you again in the future.

If this list leaves you wanting more, mark the most celebrated events on the calendar, for that will clue you in on what your next campaign should cover.

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