IP gelocation is fast becoming a must-have feature that lets retailers serve localized and relevant content to online shoppers. The technology has the ability to determine a visitors exact city, state, or country and dynamically display content that is most meaningful to that particular location. There are wide-ranging benefits of using this type of technology which can lead to improved business profits and increased sales from customers.

Here are four of the major benefits of using IP geolocation:

Tailor the shopping experience

The ability to deliver the most relevant content, messages and merchandise on the site is certain to mean a visitor will spend more time browsing.

Also, it is possible to display the most relative advertising or shipping information. For instance, for the local customers it is possible to display a banner offering free shipping for purchases, while this same information can be hidden from customers outside the local area of the retailer.

Change pricing based on location

Any retailer serving customers from different countries will find it quite challenging when it comes to displaying the correct pricing for the different parts of the world. A simple solution to this issue is to use IP geolocation to serve the appropriate prices to match the local exchange rate. Also, there will be countries with greater spending capabilities and it is possible to target them with extra deals and promotions.

Use the right tax rates

Change tax rates based on visitor country

The applicable tax rate charged to customers varies with the different states and countries. By integrating IP geolocation into the shopping car it is possible to always display the correct pricing to match the visitor. If this type of technology is not in use, the price listed on the site may include fees that aren’t relevant to a particular shopper. This can lead to customers thinking the price of goods is more than expected and will make the shopping experience less attractive.

Use the right language

A further benefit of IP geolocation is the ability to change the language served on the website to match the visitor’s country. Even though a visitor may have the option to select the most appropriate language after arriving on a website, it is a lot more convenient for the website to automatically change to make the all-round experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

Overall, the IP geolocation is a simple, yet effective solution to tailor a website to match a customer’s specific needs.

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