Your customers are reading their emails everyday, perhaps every hour. Reading emails is the most common online activity (yes, even more that looking at social media or using a search engine). If your business has a solid email marketing strategy, your customers will be reading your emails and then take the action that you want them to take.

If you’re not using email marketing to get your messages in front of your audience, you need to start now. Here are 4 quick ways to boost your email marketing strategy so that your emails are opened and read and not sent straight to trash.

1. Always Get Permission First

Never send an email to somebody who didn’t ask to get an email from you. This is very important to the success of your email marketing strategy. It’s very difficult to run a successful email marketing campaign if you’re sending information to people who didn’t request it. Put an email opt-in box onto to your website where subscribers have to enter their email to receive information from you. By doing this, they are giving you permission to send them emails.

2. Concentrate On Helping Your Subscribers

An email marketing strategy is not just about selling as many products as you can. Yes, you want to make sales. In the long run, that is the main objective. However, you don’t want to push every possible product or service that you’re selling into your subscriber’s inbox. Instead, you want to concentrate on helping them and providing value. Show your subscribers how you can help them. Provide advise, tips, tips and tricks that will be useful to them.

3. Send Emails On A Frequent Basis

Most people new to email marketing are worried about sending more than one email a week. But, if you’re helping your subscribers, they will love hearing from you. There’s no set rule on how often you should email, as long as it is on a regular basis. Don’t send 5 emails in one week and then nothing for 2 weeks. Keep in mind, it’s all about providing value. If you’re not providing value, don’t send out the email.

4. Test Every Email Before You Send It

Always send your email message to yourself before you send it to your subscribers. You want to ensure that everything looks and reads correctly. There’s nothing worse than receiving an email message that has lots of typos or has links that don’t work.

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