The main mantra of success in today’s content marketing world is engagement. You may have thought of doing branding, having a hardworking team and great products but if you are not giving your buyers the cause to get engage with your product then you won’t be able to become successful in your niche. Therefore, your main focus in your marketing strategy must be on engaging your customer so that your product can reach more number of audience.

Ever wonder what strategy content marketers follow to keep their customers engaged? In today’s age of information, you must keep an eye on every fact and figure and never lose sight of your biggest assets: your customers. For more specified answers, let’s have a look at the top digital marketing company which can help you to make your content more engaging.

Set Engagement Objectives
First, the most important task for any marketing is to define the success. You can never prove or know how much engagement you have created so far if you do not define at the start that what exactly the engagement looks like. For example, suppose you have a business goal to improve your customer’s behaviour, so to know the present level of customer satisfaction you will engage them so that they can rate you on different social media platforms, or via your website and emails. Once you know the main issues you can make a strategy to eliminate those hence increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

Same as in the case of engaging people, first define your objectives and goals and the metric to monitor those parameters with a content marketing plan.

Sharpen your Social Sharing Tactics
While sharing content on social media platforms, keep in mind that your content must be so encouraging that readers feel like to share the content with their own audiences.

• Format images- In this virtual world, to enhance the power of your content you must attach a high-impact image especially formatted for the social sharing. You can have a look on some SMO company to get an idea about it. There are many tools and apps available which help to create formatted images for social media with graphics, text etc.

• Make sharing links available- If no one is seeing your content then your content is a total waste. Encourage your readers to share your content by making it simple and easy. Make sure that your content have sharing buttons in it.

• Draft a tweet- While already engaged in your content, you can make your readers to share your content by having a button “Click to tweet” integrated into it. It will allow you to place a shareable quote in the middle of the post.

So, if a blog post is comprised of- featured image, social media sharing buttons and tweet buttons then the user engagement for that blog post will be more in comparison with the blog in which one of these three things is missing.

Be a good Storyteller
You must be creating the content for the same topic that a lot of others brands are covering. So how to make your content more attractive, more informative and attention grabbing? How to make your readers say that you provide more information and your writing style is very unique? How to strengthen your brand recognition?

There are many different ways to tell a story, but the main motive or the focusing point while telling a story is to establish a connection with your audience. Some of the storytellers use their own experience while explaining something or the other, they mostly tell about their pasts experiences and their brand. Most of the time it is easy for the audiences to relate themselves with that particular example or experience.

Ask your readers to engage
The more the engaging your content is, the more the people will have something to say about it, which leads desired result on your social media or on your blog. However, people will respond more, if they are made to do so. Always leave your blog with a question in the end, so that people can reply and can share their opinions. Popular blogs usually ask a question in the end due to which people keep on commenting and re-sharing that blog with their friends. It’s a chain model: data transferring from to the other then again to the other and so on.

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