What’s the point of having a website if no one visits? If you’ve worked really hard on your article, blog or graphic, the right person needs to see it! Follow along this three part series to find out how you can boost your rankings on Google.

If you want to see your business at the top of Google’s search ranking there are a couple of things you can do RIGHT NOW to give yourself a better shot. It’s all about content and trust. Google wants to make sure that every search leads to a benevolent site with qualified, compelling content. It wants to give searchers exactly what they’re looking for and to offer trustworthy links.

Who could Google possibly trust more than Google?

That’s why it’s a great idea to set up a Google+ Page for your business.

All you’ll need to set up a profile is a Gmail account. If you haven’t already set one up, you can do so here:

Following are a few tips that will allow you to maximize your search rankings with a Google+ page:

1. Optimize your Google+ page:

A. Make sure your profile is completely filled out using keywords that describe you, your services or products. Google+ is keyword sensitive. So be sure to add as many keywords in your descriptions and posts without being redundant or irrelevant. Pay special attention to your SEO Meta Description. It includes the tagline and the first couple of sentences of your description. Often, this will be the first information your visitors will learn about you. You need it to be as accurate and informative as possible.

B. Include a photo of yourself or your company logo. It promotes brand recognition and gives your visitors an opportunity to get to know you. A generic silhouette as a profile picture is very unprofessional.

C. Get a custom URL for your Google+ page. It offers a short, easy to remember link for your audience. You can find information about getting your custom URL here: http://bit.ly/1vniUwN

2. Post links from the right place

A new Google+ user might get the impression that when it comes to posting, they learned everything they needed to know from Facebook.

Although, the two platforms offer a similar opportunity to reach readers, the protocol is a little different. Links posted from your Google+ will garner instant link equity (Google says you’re legit). But you have to post links correctly in order to cash in on Google’s assumed trust of your content.

Social media sites have two types of links: 1. Nofollow 2. Dofollow.

Ideally, you want visitors to follow your Dofollow links. To correctly post a Dofollow link you MUST click the “Link” button to post. If you add the link in the “Share what’s new” box, it becomes Nofollow. You don’t want that.

Over the years, there’s been quite a hubbub every time Google changes it’s algorithms to protect users and offer them a more consistent way to find what they’re looking for. It always means someone is going to have to change what they’ve been doing to get visitors.

Truth be told, you’re page rank will stand the test of time if you stick to this simple rule of thumb: provide your audience with consistent, compelling and keyword rich content. It’s all that Google (and your readers) ultimately want from you.

Take time to follow the suggestions in this three part series, 3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Improve Your Search Ranking on Google and you’ll be on the right track in no time.

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