Everyone is welcome to join other online marketers. Basically, you just need a device connected to the Internet and a product or service to offer. It sounds simple. However, if that’s too easy, all Internet marketers should have been successful by now. But that’s not the case. A lot of online marketers are still struggling to generate their first few dollars. With more corporations and individuals entering the so-called E-commerce field, the competition gets tougher and greenhorns find it harder to survive.

Nevertheless, there is no shortage of information on how to excel in online marketing. If you are constantly on the lookout for effective marketing ideas, you might have stumbled upon the inclusion of an opt-in list in your marketing strategies. Opt-in list refers to the list of prospects and customers who signed up using their names and/or email addresses to be part of your email list (which you will use for email marketing later on).

There is the so-called double opt-in list but it doesn’t have much difference from the traditional opt-in list; the former only involves sending emails to the signees asking their assurance that they voluntarily signed up. Instead of getting concerned on how double opt-in lists work, you should concentrate on the following 3 quick and easy ways to build a profitable opt-in list.

  1. Build Trust, Not Just Connections
    Nowadays, it’s easy to connect to celebrities and strangers alike. You can find and connect to potential customers in social networking sites and online forums. However, you shouldn’t totally disregard conversing with people on a face-to-face level. It could actually be more advantageous than connecting virtually. Keep in mind that consumers put greater trust on the people they met physically compared to the people they just met online. Nonetheless, it is still possible to earn trust from the prospects you met online. The secret in building trust is to engage as much as you can. Online forums are the best place to start engaging.
  2. Create Useful Products, Not Hype
    One mistake that a lot of inexperienced online marketers make is that they focus on making hype. While it is true that some success stories involve hypes, as an online marketer, it is your job to offer something useful. Online forums are essential in this endeavor. You can find out what prospects need and want. Create a product or service that satisfies such needs and wants. This is also a way of building trust. If you put much weight on the hype, some prospects might jump into your venture; other potential customers might turn their back. With so many advertisements online and offline, the last thing they probably need is another sales talk.
  3. Focus on Collaboration, Not on Competition
    Successful online marketers admit that they got help from their fellows. Collaboration with fellow online marketers has its perks. They can help you find more prospects by featuring you and your offers in their own marketing platforms. You might be invited to events as well. In these events, you can expand your network and learn more about the industry.

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