A couple of week ago, I got asked this:

“I’ve been running a copywriting business now for just over 18 months and have been doing OK. Sure, I haven’t done as well financially as I’d have liked but I was comfortable. But now I’m motivated to make a lot more money because I found out today my girlfriend has been cheating on me with some rich guy. (Turns out he wasn’t interested in anything long term, but no way am I taking her back now!)

However this has given me the motivation to succeed that I was maybe lacking before. How fast can I realistically expect to make money from my email list though, considering it’s quite small (only a couple of hundred people)? Just want your opinion if you don’t mind?”

My answer is this:

As to how fast you can make money, that depends on a few things.

Really, you do need to grow your list. Though as long as your emails provide value and entertain, and as long as you’re actually selling something your list desires, then you should still make money even out of a small list.

So in order to get the best results, you need to make sure your emails are on point.

In fact, you have to make sure your WHOLE email marketing strategy is on point.

So here’s what you should do:

First, read everything about email marketing you can get your hands on. Look on Amazon for the books under this category.

Learn about how to write emails in a way which persuades people to buy. I’ll give you a big tip right now, though: Make sure your emails provide both value and entertainment. If they don’t, then people will stop reading them.

Secondly, make sure you IMPLEMENT everything you learn.

This is so important.

It’s amazing how many people simply enjoy the little dopamine rush they get when learning something new, but never actually implement any of it. If you want to make money, then you have to put all the email marketing strategies you learn to use.

Finally, make sure you’re consistent in writing to your list every single day of the week. And when I say “every day”, I really do mean it. Look, if you follow step 2 (provide value and entertainment in your emails), then the people on your list will genuinely look forward to reading each and every email you send them.

And the more emails you send, the more likely they are to buy.

Anyway, that’s it.

And, yes, it really is that simple.

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