Email deliverables are important – with an estimated 74 trillion emails being sent every year, it is necessary that your emails are reaching its intended inboxes. But reaching the inbox is one thing – acting upon it is another.

True, you can work on your subject line, making it catchy and arresting audience’s interest, but that will only help to improve email opens. Conversions are still a matter of concern.

So why not examine what you are doing wrong with your emails that it is not encouraging conversions?

Here are the 3 popular reasons why emails do not get responded to:

Your emails are not personalized enough

Remarkable as it may be, personalized emails have 41% higher CTRs than non-personalized ones – and even then 70% marketers fail to personalize their email marketing messages. Personalization however does not mean adding the “name” of the recipient in the body of the email. It means creating content unique and relevant to your recipient.

But wait – how is that possible when you are sending thousands of emails? The answer lies in using segmented email lists. Segment your audience as per their preference and personalize emails as per that.

Some of the other things to remember during personalization include:

Social media proof and Mentions are lacking

Is your email being sent out without including the social handles? Not a smart move considering people like to know what others are thinking of your brand as well. When adding social icons however, it is wise to ensure that you are actually active on the platform and you have positive feedback on your page. It’s of no use to drive people to your social page and then let them see only 200 likes or 500 followers. Not a very appealing number.

Also, when you are constructing the body of your emails, it a good practice to include the names of some reliable client or event testimonial. People find these social signs more credible to believe than self-bragging. You are probably missing all mentions of your brand in your email messages and hence missing out on conversions as well.

Where is the carrot?

Whether you are into B2B or B2C marketing, the carrot or “added benefit” works for all.

If you are familiar with online shopping then the term ‘cart abandonment’ will not be new to you. What will also not be new is, receiving an email from the eCommerce vendor, reminding you in a polite way that things are waiting in your cart. If you still do not respond, there will probably be an email after two days with an additional 5% discount if you buy now!

This is also true with customers who have not been active for a while. You may be familiar receiving emails with subject lines like -“We have missed you!” or “Áre you still interested?”

The question is, have you been using these methods of audience engagement for your email campaigns? If not, this is probably where you can work on.

Go back to your email database today and identify customers who have not done business in the last 6 months and there you have something to look forward to with your business!

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