In previous years, digital marketing has been an important aspect of business innovation, and the year 2015 should be no exemption. If you have a website and aim to make it more profitable this year and the coming years, here are 3 digital marketing strategy recommendations you should highly consider investing in:

1. Instagram and Twitter Engagement
It’s not enough that you have social media pages for your business. Of course, you have to maintain their posts so you can consistently engage with your audience and even invite a higher following online. Your Twitter account can be used to create product hashtags and make them trend worldwide. You can also use it for tracking the performance of your competitors, through following their pages, for example, or re-using hashtags that are already popular in your specific industry.

Aside from Twitter, you should also have an Instagram account. Although it’s just a photo-sharing app, you can’t ignore the fact that such a social media platform has a total of 200 million active monthly users (according to! This is all thanks to the younger generation of today who log in to Instagram several times a day. Go ahead and share your brand content in IG to be one step ahead in the digital marketing game.

2. Facebook Lookalike Audience and Re-Marketing
Facebook certainly has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Page likes, shares, and status posts aren’t the only reasons your business should be active in this social networking site. If you haven’t tried or heard about the Facebook lookalike audience, 2015 can be the perfect time to start including it on your digital marketing strategy plans. This feature lets you set up another set of audience that may have similar interests to your main audience. By clicking Custom Audiences, you can choose other people from different countries and reach out to them through the ads that you post. Know how to set up the lookalike audience in your own FB page through this link

Re-marketing, on the other hand, works with the help of a Sales force website tracing cookie. In a layman’s term, once a customer visits your website, exits from it, and logs in to his Facebook account, he can see an ad pertaining to your website. This ad then serves as your website’s re-marketing campaign, and do you know what its huge advantage is? Your website’s bounce rates will still return possible profits from FB’s display advertising!

3. Consistent Email Marketing
Email blasts go a long way in grabbing the attention of your audience. Just make sure they contain compelling content and graphics. How many email blasts do you send every month? Consider doubling them. Increase your email marketing campaigns this year to have a more constant communication with your target market.

Most importantly, you should never give up on creating high-quality content for the web. Through well-written blog posts and effective SEO strategies, your website will always be on top of the digital marketing competition. So, let the right professionals do these crucial tasks for you.

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