Get High Lead Conversions With These Promising Tricks

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5. Abandoned Cart Reminder

This is an effective way to get back all those who visited your site, placed order but left the cart unchecked. Reason can be anything. Prices may have soared high due to surcharges for shipping, taxes etc, or the buyer changed his mind because he thought of getting better purchase offer somewhere else. To end such abandoned cart issues, retailers can send a recovery/reminder mail along with personalised offers on the same products.

Moreover, this strategy works well in increasing conversions even if none has abandoned cart. Retailers can keep customers visiting their site again by declaring offers on the related goods, new additions to the same range of products, price drops etc.

All in all, you need to some dynamic customer-oriented strategies to retain your visitors and convert them into active leads. Other powerful strategies include enhancing site load times, straightforward navigation, filtered searches, stock notifications, customer reviews for each product and so forth.

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