Imagine this: you have guzzled more coffee than you can count trying to brainstorm ways to generate more backlinks. Then someone suddenly suggests Facebook and off you go to experiment. You post an article with some extra social media sharing and voila! You see that page rising through SERP rankings.

Ha! If only the relationship between SEO and social media was so easy to grasp.

These two are the most critical elements of any digital marketing strategy and yet many businesses struggle to understand how they work together.

So, Are These Two in a Relationship or What?

In answer, consider this. The Rebooting Ranking Factors study by Searchmetrics produced a chart a little while ago. This chart shows that a blog post that ranks well in search engine results also gets more shares on Facebook.

Similar studies were then carried out for Twitter and Google+ with same results.

But according to Searchmetrics, these results were only due to the connecting relationship between social media and SEO.

So, yes, there is an important aspect that links them together.

Social media has the authority to drive traffic to your content. If your content is good, it will attract real links from numerous other websites and blogs because people love to share great useful links within their own networks on social networking sites.

An Active Social Media Account = Increased Brand Awareness

The traffic generated from social media creates excellent on-site SEO indicators. Again, if your content is great, it will lead to high time-on-site metrics, click-throughs to other parts of your website, and much more.

And how many times have you seen an ad on any social network and then Googled it later? An active social media account is your one-way ticket towards bigger brand awareness.

2 Next-Level Strategies to Integrate your SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategy

You can tweak your social media promotion tactics to make the most of these SEO benefits.

Firstly, of course, you must create exceptional and useful content. You don’t want your SEO strategies riding the wave of bad content.

The next wise step would be to make good use of these two master approaches.

1. Target maximum clicks on social media while creating content

Expert marketers are well aware of what hooks the readers most. Maybe it’s a listicle (list article) that includes internal links that direct the readers towards more helpful content. Maybe it’s an entertaining CTA that appears irresistible to the prospects.

Create content that attracts the attention and forces the prospects to click through. It doesn’t mean that you should focus on ‘clickbait’ articles that are misleading and useless. But do ask yourself, “what would the reader absolutely love to read next?”

Use images, gifs and videos as they catch the most attention. Make people laugh or cry!
Emotional advertising is still the biggest hit.

2. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a good bet

Integrating your social media content with your ABM strategy will practically guarantee success in the effective targeting process.

Maybe your business already relies on ABM or maybe you’re just getting started; it’s a sure shot way to climb high on the target ladder. For example, you will create personalized content for your ABM campaign – publish it on your website! It doesn’t have to live in the site navigation (specifically if it’s highly personalized), but it should still be there.

Then, share that content with its intended audience using paid ads or your current relationships on social media.

This ensures that your highly relevant content gets an audience (even if it’s one-to-one sharing!) which almost always leads to a significant on-site engagement.

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