12 Trends In The E-Commerce Industry In 2017 That You Need To Know.

People have started looking at Online shopping in the recent years very seriously. If you belong to the e-commerce business, you must know the latest trends. Go with the flow to achieve success. Plan to expand your business keeping the 12 trends in the e-commerce industry given below in mind.

1. Website Contents

The base of any e-commerce business lies on the substance of the site. Content that provides the required information to make buying decision enables the customer to stay connected with your site.

During traditional shopping, we prefer visiting stores that has customer friendly sales professionals who give more inputs about the product. The website takes that place in e-stores.

Make sure to provide fresh content with all details required to make the online shopping hassle free. Also, incorporate live chat options in your website to attract more traffic.

2. Payment Options

Most of us want to buy things. But when it comes to paying all of us look for more options. To boost your E-store sales just be flexible on different types of payment methods. Include Apple Pay, PayPal Express, Credit and Debit card payments. Apart from adding multiple options make sure to select the user-friendly payment gateway.

3. Shipping and Delivery

OK, had a great online shopping experience with engaging content and secure payment options. What next? Shipping and delivery. One of the keys to success in online business may talk about fast delivery. But, Do you know? 58% of online buyers add more items to their cart if free delivery option gets tagged to that item. It does not stop there, every 83 customers out of 100 buyers don’t mind waiting for long to receive their products if the shipping is free.

4. Return Policy

Smooth purchase journey does not get over after delivery. In fact, it begins after that. Wondering, how? Yes, after receiving the product people look at the return policy for various reasons. To stay ahead in your business in 2017 you have to prepare yourself to absorb the transport cost not only for delivery but also for returns. People will get tempted to order online on your site if they can replace it without charge after looking at the item in person.

5. Customized Shopping

The digital store owners have agreed that personalized shopping attracts more customers than generic shopping. Without any doubt, this trend will tend to grow in the coming years.

Expand your online portal with advanced technology. Provide more brands and more options to select a product. Customize the loyalty programs. Understand that all customers never think alike. Get their pulse right to sell your product.

Are you aware? Your competitors started moving ahead of this trend. Don’t wait to start planning to customize the shopping needs.

6. Videos

You Tube videos had got its name in 2016 for e-commerce shopping.

2017, the focus has shifted to using videos on-site. Products that contain video explanation had more conversion rate. Case Study performed by Tassimo shows that the conversion rate reached 74% and 340% customer engagement with on-site videos.

7. Voice Search

Voice searches have picked up in serious online business. No longer voice search act as a fun tool. Make use of voice search on your site to boost your sale effectively.

How to benefits from voice searches? Optimize the content on your website in such a way it appears in Google search results. This helps customers to find a product by just talking with Google’s voice search provision.

Look at the Google’s research report confirming that voice search contributes 20% of search requests.

8. Mobile Apps Shopping

Needless to say, the mobile shopping has started galloping PCs. Just click this to know more. Keeping in mind as an online retailer not only create a mobile responsive site but also combine mobile wallet functionality hooked on your store.

E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Apple, JD.com, Walmart, etc. use their mobile based application that contributes a significant share of revenues.

9. Tool to Alert Fraudulent Activities

Imagine that you construct an expensive house and fail to provide doors. Yes, building a brilliant online site and not having any fraud management tools pushes your business down.

Customers do not shop online when privacy and security bars don’t match their expectation. 2017 will continue to have a significant impact on this trend.

10. Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday and Black Friday gets more attention by customers to shop online. The trend in 2017 has confirmed that the distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday fades out. Both the shopping holidays have moved online.

11. Multichannel Shopping

Shopping trend has gained popularity through the multi channel. We know that people want a device for their shopping. Shoppers who pass by your store does not physically visit your store. But do not worry he/she pulls out a smart phone and look online to gather product information. Next, he/she places an order after going home. Think storage Google Apis says that 42% of shoppers present in the store physically order online upon reaching home. Sounds funny? No, it’s true.

12. Social Selling

Social selling trend will grow all through 2017. Every online store owner focuses on promoting their brands using social media platforms.

At the beginning stage of online business ignite your online sales using Facebook live videos and showcase the product features. Once your business starts picking up incorporate on-site videos.

Quick Conclusion

Risk and Race become part of all business. E-commerce business cannot escape from that. Just adopt these 12 trends posted above to upgrade your business in line with the market.

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