Every day, you are one of about 50 marketers attempting to get your prospect to open an email… and, if you are like most email marketers, your leads are not reading…

Why? Because you are one of about 50 marketers attempting to get them to open an email. It’s noise… white noise… background noise. You are lucky if they even see your message and delete it unopened…

More likely, your message is in Promotions purgatory. All that marketing money, all that strategy, all that creativity WASTED.

Email marketing works. When done correctly, email marketing brings in 3800% ROI on average. 3800%. It is the least expensive way to sell your product. Not only that… but you can get positive ROI, even when done incorrectly because it costs next to nothing to send an email.

Whether you are writing to introduce yourself to new leads, start a sales process to potential customers, or nurture your list, applying the following Commandments can be the difference between active engagement in the Inbox and a life of solitude and silence in the promotions tab.

  1. Email is a CONVERSATION, not an opportunity for you to hurl your life story, your product story, or your ideas at someone from across the abyss over and over again hoping they are so amazed by your interesting idea that they buy. Introduce yourself. Ask your customers or prospects to REPLY… and you try to reply to them. Just once is enough to have a client (and be in the inbox) for life.
  2. When sending email content: Do not start with you, your life, your idea, your feelings. You can certainly weave you into the conversation… but to get people interested in what you have to say or offer them… START WITH YOUR PROSPECT. Thank them for joining your list. Share some secrets with them that are of interest to them. How do you know what is of interest? They got on your list somehow… use their opt-in and move that conversation forward.
  3. When selling, remember in most cases you are selling the prospect on their ability or need or desire to GET TO THEIR DESIRED RESULT by using your product or service. You are not selling you (especially true for coaches, information marketing, trainers, etc. I see this all the time). You are only a vessel to help them along the path from where they are to where they want to be. The potential client needs to see that it is possible to get where they want to be and if you show them it is possible (with you or with some product), they will choose you (or that product) to be their guide.
  4. GIVE USABLE CONTENT in the body of the email. Do not require them to click to find more information if you can give it right there in the email… at least not every time. Give them something they can use. If all the usable information is elsewhere, why should someone open your email? People are busy. Make life easy for them. If you give them something great in the email, they will end up on your site naturally. They will want more of you.
  5. Use STORY ARCS. Keep the conversation going with story arcs (case studies, guessing games, contests, or riveting personal stories are great for this). Your email does not have to be a one blast wonder. Keep people hanging at the end of an email to increase engagement. One shot closed ended blast emails are akin to running up to someone, hurriedly telling them a story or a piece of information, and then running away – leaving them to decide whether to chase you or to stay put. Most will just stay put.
  6. Always INVITE TO CONNECT ELSEWHERE. Have a link to your social media pages at the bottom. Point it out with an engaging one liner (not just “connect with me here”). Also invite them to connect in your indoctrination series. If most of your leads come from one source (like Facebook), make sure you send content links from other sources, like your YouTube Channel or Twitter feed, and, yes, even your blog. You can do screen shots from Twitter/IG/Snapchat (with your handle) or embed a video so you don’t force them to do more work (see #3)
  7. If you purchase a marketing program, CHANGE THE COPY used in the program. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen the words “The next 3 days will seem like Christmas” in an indoctrination series. (A swipe file given by Digital Marketer in their Machine product). If I have seen it, others have. Use the idea (in this case, sending out a bunch of your best content as an introduction to your business), not the exact wording.
  8. HAVE A PERSONALITY in your marketing. Make sure your personality is on brand and evokes the emotion you want your prospects to feel. A good writer should be able to capture the personality of your brand and of you… because in the end…
  9. PEOPLE DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE. Perhaps, if you are a commodity or very well known brand, people will buy your stuff based on your name or reputation. But more often, people buy from other people. SIGN YOUR EMAILS WITH A NAME OF A PERSON. Have a person@companyname.com address (not “admin”) when sending out marketing content.
  10. SELL WITH CONFIDENCE. When it comes time to introduce your product or idea or service… do not beat around the bush. Do not apologetically sell. By now, you have created a conversation, you have let them know the problem, you have given them content to begin to help them with the problem and/or entertain them. You are now offering them a ride in the boat taking them from where they are to where they desire to be. If they are thirsty, you are offering a drink. If they are tired of restless nights, you are offering them a new memory mattress. If they are sick of dieting, you are offering them a new healthy living solution. Don’t apologize for offering them a way out… GET EXCITED. If you are, they will be too.

Now you can make it happily to email heaven… where the funnels flow down the river of financial freedom.

Happy mailing!

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