1. Hidden contact information

The biggest challenge here in these websites is to win over the trust over your customers. So, you have to share your contact details vividly either at the header or the footer. Thus, your customers can call you up anytime for any query or whatsoever. Thus, hiding your contact information is a big NO.

2. Lack of Proper Product Information

Let’s see it this way. You go to the market and purchase a sweatshirt. Obviously, you will not take it immediately. You will feel the fabric, consider the size and fitting and then purchase the product if you are well conversant with all the information about the product. It is the same thing with online shopping. Your customers will NOT even consider the product if there isn’t proper information about it. How will they rely on the product without any information?

So, make sure whatever you are planning to sell has the proper and complete information. This will build up confidence in your customers and then can proceed further.

3. Inadequate Product Search Tool

If you do not have a proper search box or the proper filters for every product, the customers are disgusted. It is because there are may be products with the same name but in different categories. So, make sure your customers have the privilege of refining their search to obtain their desirable product with ease. It will also not kill any time of your customers.

4. Lengthy Checkout Process

Remember one thing that your customers will buy their products via the checkout page. So, if you make it long it will just irritate the customer to his bones. Hence, he will leave the site without even buying. So, keep it short and simple. Try to build a single page checkout and avoid asking any unnecessary questions.

5. Poor Quality Images

The product images are all your customers can rely on apart from its vivid information. So, if they see poor quality images that will immediately divert their attention. That is something you would not want to be the case. So, use high-resolution images and also include the feature of zooming in the images.

6. Scarce of payment options

This is one major issue when it comes to online stores. The lack of versatile payment options fails to satisfy your customers and they seem to get diverted and disgusted. First of all, not all of your customers would have credit or debit cards. So, do keep an alternative for them as well. This will let them buy any number of products comfortably.

7. Do Not Exclude Store Policies

Make sure that your website has a “Terms and Conditions” page. That will make your customers well acquainted with each and every policy of your company. This will maintain complete transparency between you and your clients.

8. Forced registration

Impress your customers and do not bore them. That is why wait till they have added their products in the shopping cart and are all set to buy them. Then you can ask them if they would opt for a registration. If you force them, they might end up abandoning their shopping cart.

9. Over-the-Top Design in Web Pages

Incorporate designs that are related to your nature of business. If your designs are exaggerated it may divert and distract your potential customers. Make sure that you are not confusing your customers. So, keep your designs simple but attractive at the same time. You are not supposed to bore your customers.

10. Not optimizing the web pages

Visual attraction is important. But, optimization is necessary to sustain your business in this harsh competitive world. It is crucial to bring in more sales for your business. A good optimized website is like a stepping stone to serve you that purpose.

The main purpose of this article is spreading awareness. These are the common mistakes usually web designers make while building the e-commerce websites. These mistakes may seem petty, but these exert a great influence on your online business. So, take care of all these problems and enjoy all the popularity in the online world.

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