Emails and Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a popular aspect of internet marketing, usually pursued by people looking to work from home and those entering the world of internet marketing. Advertising the products being promoted are key to making sales, and while this can be done in a number of ways, email marketing still remains popular.

‘The money is in the list’ – if you have just started out in internet marketing, you would know what this means. The list refers to your database of customers – its invaluable. Big companies like Groupon and LivingSocial of sold would probably sell for millions to billions of dollars for one important reason – the list of customers they have. Anyone who have used this service would know that the first thing they ask for are a name and email address.

Creating a list to promote your product can take some time, meaning if your get into affiliate marketing, it will be a while before you can actually generate sales through email product promotion. Using a ‘squeeze page’ is a great way to enlist potential customers, and using an autoresponder service can ensure you send out personalised emails to your subscribers in a timely and professional manner.

While sending out emails to your customers sounds easy, it is important to observe a few rules. When enlisting customers through a squeeze page and then sending out emails through autoresponders, it is of utmost importance to send out emails to only those people who have confirmed the subscription. Inundating an email inbox of a potential customer who has not agreed to be contacted can be viewed as spam, and this can get you blacklisted and will not generate any sales.

Secondly, do not use misleading titles or comments in the email subject. For example, do not send out an email promising a free product, if the product you are promoting costs 100’s of dollars. Your subscriber will hate you for it, and would likely unsubscribe. Do not send out too many emails promoting too many products either – your subscriber will see that all you care about is selling and not the customer. No one like too many emails about products which are useless.

Finally, under NO circumstances should you promote products that are related to sexually explicit / adult material or anything relating to gambling or any other illegal activities. It is obvious that it is wrong, and you could get permanently banned from internet marketing. Furthermore, you could be reported to the authorities and you may be liable for civil or criminal action.

In a nutshell, emails are invaluable in affiliate marketing. Use them well and wisely, and it can generate a significant income from customers who like you and trust you.

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