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Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to send personal messages and to communicate is through the use of electronic mail or the email, as it lets you approach your receiver just with a few clicks if you need to send a letter immediately. It could be used whether if the two or more parties are in the same nation or not. The electronic mail offers a lot of services like sending your mail to the person or persons you want to communicate with, forwarding a mail which is previously receive or stored, storing a mail for future use and archiving, it can also be used in attaching something before sending it to your receiver, It is efficient, fast and is easy to use for every person in order for them to communicate fast and have a fast reply or response from the other party. The Email could also be used in special purposes and business transactions like the purpose of the business emails and multiple distributions like those executed through the email list.

Email list is the use of electronic mail with a special aim and that is to distribute messages and in formations to a lot of internet users, it is used to send in announcements that can be sent to selected people who are members of a certain group or subscribers, a discussion somehow allows its members or subscribers to post which enable the start of a multi-person discussion on the email list. It is somehow the same with a mailing list as they have the same key features like the list of subscribers, list of email address and the email message itself. Special mailing software is used to send in and receive messages. Email list is prone to spam or unwanted messages that is sent through the use of email that is why moderators have a key role to prevent in spam messages from coming in before it is sent to different subscribers and companies and groups who are sending in their announcements across the internet subscribers.

Business emails are electronic mails that are sent which concerns communication regarding business transactions, it could be an electronic mail sent from a company to its own employees as well as on other companies which deals with their businesses. Business emails contains contents that may contain transaction details between two or more parties and would be the key for their communication to enhance and strengthen in their business deals. Business emails are ideal for smoother and more detailed business transactions.

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