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Sometimes I am asked by companies to become an email troubleshooter for them. Normally this happens when an email campaign has gone a bit pear-shaped and results haven’t been what they were hoping for. This can be where the company has tried to manage the email campaign internally without professional advice or have tried to do it on the cheap. Upon investigation my findings are usually quite simple. A complete lack of attention to detail!

It always surprises me that some email marketing campaigns and even newsletters for that matter, can contain issues such as distorted or missing images, broken links or links that lead you in the wrong direction. How frustrating is it when you have had your interest ignited by an email, wanted to know more about the specifics, and then get directed to the general homepage? Shall I tell you, very frustrating!

I urge anybody reading this article that if you are constructing an email campaign, make sure that all your images and links can be accounted for. Try something radical and test the email before you send it to your database!!  Sorry if that sounds facetious but it’s amazing how many people don’t! The main thing you will damage by sending out an unchecked email is your credibility and reputation so a little care is required.

Another minor irritation of mine is personalisation. I have witnessed companies with huge powerful databases who have a lot of information about their customers through sophisticated CRM systems and still send out email marketing campaigns stating ‘Dear sir/madam.’ It’s enough to make you weep! It doesn’t take a great deal of care and attention to personalise an email campaign so make sure that you do this.

Something else for your consideration. Designing your email marketing for mobile is a wise move with many people now accessing their messages through mobile devices. The key to success however is making sure that the experience remains mobile. In other words, if you include a link to your website in your email it would be a much better experience for the recipient if they can easily read and navigate your website on mobile as well. Failure to do this could lead to your customer getting frustrated and not bother carrying on, which is a shame if they were ready to make a purchase!

Finally, get to the point! I have seen some email marketing letters written on for ages about how good their product or service is and don’t make a call to action early enough. Your customers or potential customers do not have enough time to read loads of text, download complex images, navigate slow landing pages or answer a million and one questions on a customer survey. Cut to the chase and you will see better results.

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