Email Subject Lines Are Not Important


I am putting myself out on a limb here.

For years I have been listening to the experts about writing mind-blowing email subject lines.

You know – the ones which create curiosity.

The ones which leave you with a hunger of a four-week old nestling waiting for its mother to return with a worm.

Ones which hit you between the eyes as if written only for you.

Ones which makes you go so crazy, you have to open the email.

But the truth is…

It is not the Email Subject Line which gets most people to open your emails.

That is right – outstanding email subject lines are a MYTH.

Now what I am about to tell you is not my opinion. It is FACT.

Fact, based on my four years research sending emails for hundreds of clients in thousands of campaigns.

I only want facts. Not some so called expert who may have read advertising books and articles.

Now before you go all uppity at me I am not saying Subject Lines are redundant. Most of the experts are telling you about subject lines used in print media headlines.

Emails are different.

I am talking about “Email Subject Lines.”

Over the years I have studied and written many different styles of email subject lines for myself and my clients.

I know there are many different ways to coerce and persuade the recipient to open your email.

Gees, even I know certain email subject lines I have written have achieved higher open rates than others.

Mostly though, open rates remain the same in most email campaigns except in ONE particular situation.

I will let you know what that situation is later.

For now…
The reality is…
Email Subject Lines Are Not Important.

Let me ask you a question.

“When an email arrives in your inbox what is the first thing you look at?”

If you did not answer ‘Who Is This Email From?’ you are not being truthful to yourself.

The first part of a received email to be viewed by everyone is:

The ‘FROM’ Box.

Or in other words…

  • Who has sent me this email?
  • Who has interrupted my day?

If they know you then they may check out the Email Subject Line.

And regardless of the Subject Line if they know, like and trust you they will open the email anyway.

This is backed up by statistics I keep for clients which clearly indicates people are following them and not taken in by manipulating email subject lines.

If recipients do not know you they are likely to ‘Delete’ the email.

It’s a simple fact of life.

Let me give a few examples from Emails I received today where I read the ‘From’ box and immediately deleted the email.

I didn’t get to the Subject line but I will produce them for you too.

Wallstreet Advisors

USGT Up 10.53% & Shooting Higher

Bet2day Support

A friend has referred you for a special casino bonus

The Captain’s Mission

Last chance! Win a $120,000 Skyfall experience!

Hot Stocks

USGT Explodes 10.53% & Getting Stronger

These emails did not pass my ‘Who The Heck Are You Sensor” so I immediately deleted them without looking at the Subject Line.

The funny part:

The Captain’s Mission -, Last chance! Win a $120,000 Skyfall experience!… on reflection appears to be from Flight Centre for which I have subscribed to receive their emails.

How dopey are their ’email’ team. I did not have a clue who The Captain’s Mission was so I deleted the email.

The very first part you need to get right in email marketing is your identity.

Make sure you are using a ‘From’ name people will trust and recognise.

All the very best email marketers use their first and last name.

They do not send emails from their companies.

Get the idea.

Your identity is the first, and most often, last chance you get for someone to open your email. They read your name and then go further.

It doesn’t matter if the Subject Line was written by an advertising great.

If the recipient does not know you there is a minuscule chance of your email being opened let alone read.

But there is an area where I have seen spikes in email openings.

And this is…
When the Email Subject Line is written about the sender to cause ‘grieving’ by the recipient.

Here are two examples where my open results have skyrocketed. I have used them for clients too.

  1. “I Quit!”
  2. “The Guru Is Dead!”

In both of these cases the email open rates were staggering and high.

It may have been people were happy I am not around anymore but I am taking the slant the curiosity was too high and they momentarily grieved. (I did say momentarily).

So there you go – today I may upset some copywriters around the world.

But even they know it is about relationships in the end because… “People Buy From Friends.”


Email Subject Lines Are Not Important.

Believe In Yourself

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