Email Opt-In: The Real Key To Success Online


If you have been trying to build a business online for any period of time you’ve probably heard at least a thousand times that “the money is in the list.” And it’s true, as long as you have a list that actually opens your emails. So I would say, the money is in a highly responsive list. But it is definitely in the list.

In fact, I would go as far as saying having an effective opt-in form set-up to collect emails for your list is hands down one of the most critical steps to achieving online success. In fact, I would give it a higher priority than pretty much anything else I can think of including, link building and doing S.E.O stuff, writing articles, or good sales copy, or even driving traffic to your site.

Why do I think this is so important? Because the vast majority, of the visitors who come to your site, up to ninety-nine percent actually, will leave your site and never return, ever. Even visitors who bookmark your site intending to return are unlikely to ever make it back.

Did you get that? For every one hundred visitors that are interested enough to come to your site, only one of them will ever even return to your site, let alone buy anything from you.

Those are pretty dismal statistics. All your work to drive traffic, all the money you spend to buy ads is useless if you can’t benefit from some of that traffic. I mean, you are in this business to make money right? But how can you do that if you can only convert one percent of the traffic that comes to your site into an actual lead?

The email opt-in form changes all that.

This form lets you collect your visitor’s email address and add them to your list. You still won’t get everybody that comes to your site, but studies show that you will dramatically increase your lead conversion to more like ten to forty percent of the traffic coming to your site. That’s a big jump from one percent, but it gets even better…

Without capturing your visitor’s email address you only get one opportunity to sell them whatever you’re selling; and the odds are seriously stacked against you. Worse, if they decide to buy it later, it’s unlikely to be at your site.

By setting up an email capture system at your site, you change everything. Now you not only have a qualified lead. Someone who has raised their hand and said “I’m interested in what you have to offer,” they have given you permission to market to them.

This means you can market to them repeatedly and build a relationship with your prospects that helps you to build trust, establish creditability and make more sales over time.

It short, the email opt-in form helps you stack the odds in your favor and make more money online.

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