Email Marketing With Courtesy


So you’ve decided to embark on an email marketing campaign, you’ve got your list of would-be customers or clients and you are about to prepare your first email. Stop right there! Put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would like to be treated and approached. A little bit of courtesy in the email marketing game can make a big difference to the amount of people who sign up to your email and the subsequent volume of opt-outs you receive. Let me explain…

When compiling your email list you may be starting out with your existing customers/clients, people who follow your blog, people you are connected to on LinkedIn or perhaps people you have met through business networking. These people probably know you and have possibly met you but it doesn’t mean that they want regular emails from you! (that is unless they have already signed up to your newsletter and you’ve established a dialogue with them). Assuming they haven’t done this the first thing you want to do is get them on side. Whether your target market is business to business or business to consumer I would recommend that for your first email marketing campaign that you do the following –

– Take the time to introduce yourself and set expectations.
– Let them know the type of information they will be getting and how frequently you will be contacting them.
– Don’t hard sell. Offer tips and advice that might help them with their business.
– Ask for feedback and determine what they might want to receive from you – coupons, special offers, practical tips etc. This will help you profile your customers for future email campaigns.

Once you have done this and seen the results you can start to plan your strategy. You will know which customers have given you permission to keep emailing them and you can start to build an email marketing plan around their profile. This will help you determine what type of promotions you might want to do, what kind of topics to cover and who you should be aiming them at. With each new campaign you will start to get a greater understanding of what your customers want and target your emails accordingly. This way you will reap the rewards of email marketing a lot quicker than just deploying a blanket email approach where you haven’t engaged your audience beforehand.

Take this simple but courteous approach and you will find less people unsubscribing, more people engaging with you and ultimately more people wanting to do business with you.

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