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Email marketing is the cornerstone of a successful internet business. Without email marketing, you can’t gather leads to sell to, you can’t do backend marketing, you can’t effectively sell services to people, and you won’t have a qualified bunch of people to sell to that can get you sales right away.

Now most people get email marketing all wrong. They follow the “gurus” and start emailing everyday, only to find themselves getting unsubscribed to by the masses everyday. Soon, the rate that people unsubscribe from their list is 1 out of every 3. These extremely poor numbers.

Here’s a hint: don’t email everyday. Email every 3 or 4 days. This is enough to get them the time to “miss you”, but soon enough to keep you relevant in their minds. Now there is a tip that you will want to follow if you want to earn a lot of money from email marketing, and that’s what I’m here to share with you today. Here’s the tip for earning a lot of money with email marketing:


A lot people online say that personalization doesn’t increase email conversion rates. They say you can simply tell them to enter their email address, and they’ll receive your free offer or whatever. But I personally disagree with this. I think that personalization makes a big difference.

Whenever I test between email only, versus first name and email address… the first name and email address ALWAYS makes me more money. Other folks beg to differ, but this is just my personal experience. Personalization makes people feel like you care about getting to know them, and people like to buy things from business owners who they trust.

Now I will say this: offering email online will indeed increase the amount of leads that you get – but it won’t necessarily convert higher than requiring first name only. Personally capturing email only can create a wide variety of problems for you. You will get a lot of bogus email addresses, “robots” online can enter an email address into the email field, people tend to unsubscribe more, and etc.

Personalization is definitely something that you will want to do once you set up your squeeze page or have an opt-in form on your site or your blog. So always ask for a prospect’s first name and email address. Some people like to take this concept further by asking for a first name, email address, and phone number.

Most people are fine with submitting the name and email, but the phone number is something that throws them off. This is a great way to suppress the number of leads that you can get. Unless you have a good reason for asking for phone number – I wouldn’t do it, and you shouldn’t either.

Email marketing is a great way to boost your sales online. And personalization is simply something that can increase your conversion rates easily. Don’t ask for too much information though. The only time it’s justifiable is if you plan on doing some direct mail to your leads. Otherwise, keep it simple.

Good luck with your email marketing efforts.

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