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Keeping pace with current email marketing trends

In the fast moving world of marketing, especially digital marketing, it is imperative that your email marketing strategy keeps pace with current trends. In this article I will attempt to enlighten you about some of the things you need to consider when embarking on an email strategy.

Let’s talk about social media. That will make a change won’t it? Yes I know you’ve heard all the various cliches about social media and how it’s revolutionising the way we do business etc. However, like many cliches, it is true. Integrating your email marketing strategy with social media is a must-do part of your strategy in order to build your brand and tap into the huge audience that just love to share and tweet. Social commerce is now a powerful tool that most savvy marketers utilise to build their brand. By promoting your brand through social media in correlation with your email campaigns you can start to create a significant online presence.

That doesn’t mean you should email all your social media contacts and bombard them with your business message. That would be a great way of alienating people very quickly. Remember, it’s about building relationships not mailing lists. You need to engage, inform and maybe even entertain your social media contacts. This way they are more likely to do business with you.

The shape of your emails is also crucial. There is no point designing an email that doesn’t fit on a Smartphone. People need to be surgically extracted from their Smartphones these days so if you want your email to be read, make sure it is designed in HTML and can be accessed easily. Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it but it’s amazing how many emails don’t do this.

Finally for this article I want to talk to you about segmentation. We are all different and we all respond to different stimuli so it makes sense to tailor your email programme accordingly. There is little point in sending out the same generic message to everybody and wasting your marketing effort. Not only that, you will start to understand your customers more and be able to respond to their different needs. Think about your segmentation strategy and who needs to receive what message the next time you are planning an email campaign.

So in summary, social media, building relationships, mobile accessibility and segmentation are all integral parts of the email marketing thought process. They don’t complete the picture but they are fundamental parts of the strategy.

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