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We have all received the mass produced emails from companies trying to get us to use their products, and half the time we end up deleting them after reading the first sentence. Getting potential clients to read your marketing emails can be difficult. Here are some email marketing tips to help you reach your target audience.

Since the majority of people just skim the top of their email in a preview pane the best email marketing tip is to put your best offer in the top of the email or in the subject line. Make sure that there is something to catch their attention so they want to open the email completely. Tell them the deal right off; don’t make them go searching to the bottom of the email to find out who you are and what you can offer them. The email is meant to give them your company’s name and the deal that you can offer them; the boring legal parts don’t need to be at the top.

To make sure that they see the emphasis on certain keywords make sure that these are easily readable. If you’ve got a promotion for 50% off, make sure that it’s seen. Use colour, bold and larger font sizes to catch the eye. The human eye naturally goes to anything that is different and stands out, use this to your advantage. This also stands for any links to your site in the email, make sure they can easily find it so they go to your site or your email marketing won’t work. No one wants to have to open up a search engine and try to find your site, give it to them in the email in large, bold print so they can’t miss it.

One of the best email marketing tips is to make it personalized. Email users are more likely to read an email that is addressed to them than a general one that they can tell is sent to hundreds of others, we all want to feel unique and special. In the beginning of the email place their name, the human eye catches familiar words and our names are the most familiar to us. By personalizing the email you make your client feel special and not just a number. Any client will tell you that they go back to the places that treat them like individuals rather than just a statistic.

Email marketing can be one of the least costly and most effective marketing methods when used properly. Of course the use may vary for different companies, for example service based companies often may use email marketing as a way to demonstrate their expertise, building expert status and trust with their target audience. This approach helps to build profile so that when people are in need of these services your company is the first one that comes to mind and is already perceived as a reputable and proven expert.

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