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We’ve come up with 10 email marketing tips with which you can get the most value of every dollar you spend with online marketing. Email marketing provides you the opportunity to connect and build trust with your prospects and customers. It is a low-cost and cost-efficient method to advertise your business to prospective and existing customers.

Every well-created and designed email plays a major role in generating profit; thereby maximizing your return of investment. Therefore, you should definitely take these email marketing tips into consideration:

1. Decide on what you want to convey to your prospective and existing customers. All of your emails should have a unifying message that lets them know exactly what action you want them to take regarding your products and services.

2. In discussing the products and services you offer in your email message, it is much better to talk about the benefits instead of the features. Features merely talk about the product; while benefits tackle the exact advantage that your customers can get from availing your products.

3. Be customer-focused. Don’t use pronouns such as ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘us’. Instead, use ‘you’ as it makes the reader the main subject of the email.

4. Include a call-to-action message in your email such as Order Today, Sign Up Now, or Contact Us Today. Make it clear and convincing.

5. Make use of scarcity messages such as “limited edition”, “first 50 orders” or “available only today” to prompt them to take action immediately.

6. In creating the email content, make it short and simple, yet very convincing. Adhere to rules of organization and coherence while writing the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The offer should be visible both in the introduction and conclusion; and make the entire message immediately visible in the email; so the customer won’t have to scroll down to see the rest of the email.

7. The subject description of the email should be interesting enough to be opened by the reader. Quit using ordinary and common subject lines as this; stand out with it by using attention-grabbing lines as they often make or break your business email. Make use of subjects such as: disconnection notice, do a spam check and the likes… You get the idea!

8. Check and review your emails before sending them! Make sure that all the information are correct and the links in the email are functional. Have them rechecked by 2 other people to increase accuracy and objectivity.

9. It would be best to send the emails between 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon; from Monday to Thursday, to ensure optimal response from customers; especially those working in the office. Always be prepared to answer inquiries and process orders quickly; if you can’t for some reason, make sure to at least acknowledge or confirm the order.

10. Evaluate the results after sending the emails. Measure the extent of response or the sales generated. Identify best practices as well as areas for improvement, so that you’ll know how to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

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