Email Marketing: This Post Is For The Serious Email Marketer


This Post Is Only For The Serious Email Marketer.

Let me explain…

Many people, like yourself, read my posts and follow me, and for this I am extremely grateful and humble.

There are business owners who contact me for email coaching, email advice and help with their email marketing.

Top line website marketers do too… Like Peter Butler from Smart Email and Smarter Websites.

I use Peter for all my web services and the other day Peter phoned and asked me a very serious question.

He was internally struggling to decide on an Email Subject Line for his latest training tip, video and course for getting websites on the first page of Google.

This training is for business and website owners. Peter is a friend so naturally I said, “Yep, toss it over to me and I’ll take a look for you.” I continued.

“Be prepared to receive back something different though.” Peter laughed. He added, “Don’t spend too much time on it – I’m just looking for another set of eyes.”

I replied, “Let me read the entire email and I’ll give you a couple of suggestions.” You see… Sometimes you need a different set of eyes and Peter is not intimidated to ask for a little help. He knows the value of asking.


If you are still with me and as I said at the start…

This is for the serious Email Marketer. Here’s the opening of Peter’s email. Email Subject Line: Hi %%First Name%%: If you were 90 years old, looking back over your life…

Email Content Opening Lines: Hi %%First Name%%: If you were 90 years old, looking back over your life… What is the one thing you would change today to ensure you had NO REGRETS?

The email then went into How To Dominate Google’s First Page. How to register for Peter’s training. How to boost your website traffic. All of which he can do for you. The email content itself was succinct and made sense to the business and website owner if…


They read that far.

You see, Peter was caught up inside his topic. He was missing the main point of what email marketing NEEDS to do from the outset.

And that is…

Grab the intended reader by the throat and say, SIT DOWN…READ ME!

Peter has a brilliant course, brilliant training and he knows what he is doing. Remember… I use him.

So with a couple of tweaks and a few subtle changes I came up with a few new subject lines which are below. The only way Peter will know if they work is to TEST.

Nobody can guarantee absolute results.

But I am pretty confident these examples I sent him will give him better results than: “If you were 90 years old, looking back over your life…

” What do you think?

“Attention Web Site Owner: Can’t Find Your Site In Google?”

“How To Dominate Google In One Quick Move”

“How To Make Your Competitors Scared”

“How To Drive Your Competitors Mad”

“How To Use This Simple Tactic To Climb To Number 1 On Google”

Subject Line: “Attention, WEB SITE OWNERS!” Email Headline: Here’s A Free Video That Will Show You How To Dominate Google”

“Attention WEB SITE OWNERS. – You Need To Read This.”

“Web Site Owners – Don’t Wait Until Your Ninety And Then Say…If Only I…”

“The Secrets Only The Richest Web Site Owners Know”

“How Not To Regret Making This Important Web Site Change When Your Ninety”

“Don’t Get To Ninety And They Say…I Should Have Listened To Peter” Peter’s reply on receiving these: “Thanks for your help buddy, too close to see the trees, noice choice.”

If you are like Peter and need a different set of eyes on an email subject line, contact me.

Either way you go: This Post Was Only For The Serious Email Marketer.

PS: I am off to Paris on Saturday for 7 days so there will be no email tip next week. (My wife would kill me if she saw me writing one.)

In the meantime: Believe In Yourself


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