Email Marketing Strategies 101 – Benefits of Email Marketing


Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective tool by companies today with its capacity to reach target markets that remain elusive in the last decade or so. Email marketing in its broadest sense makes use of email to send information, data and any other details of a certain company to their markets thus effectively broadcasting what the company wants the public to learn without having to spend millions in terms of advertisement campaigns. For companies who are looking for an effective way to curb their expenses but still want to keep the ball rolling, then email marketing is the key.

Email Marketing Types

A company can utilize email marketing – transitional or direct. Transitional involves the use of triggers to send the email to its intended recipient. Sample of transitional email includes promotions included in email receipts or confirmation emails. This provides the company the ability to introduce related items of purchased goods to the client or upsell to the customer by providing other details such as extra benefits for which a client might be interested to take up.

Another way to do it is through direct marketing. Direct marketing includes the sending of product information directly to the client. This can be a catalogue or a special offer that might be exclusive or not to the intended recipient. Companies can make use of their subscribers’ email list or even buy a list, which other companies do provide for just such purpose.


For small to medium size business owners, this marketing strategy presents a valuable tool as it helps the owners to reach their intended market without having to spend thousands of dollars in terms of advertisement and campaign ads. Aside from this, owners can also enjoy the following benefit:

  • Increase in Company’s Sales. With the capacity to reach far flung areas and even internationally, the company would no longer be limited, especially in terms of demographic restrictions, to sell its products and services.
  • Do Follow-Ups. Because most avid online shoppers would love to shop for discounts and special offers, they would more often than not give their email addresses to subscribe. Companies can use this list to send promotional events or exclusive previews of their latest products and even follow up on potential clients, which can be an effective way to pursue potential sales unlike in traditional brick and mortar stores where a sale lost is forever lost.
  • Feedbacks. One of the most important things that any business would need to have is direct feedbacks from their clients. Emails allow the client to voice out their true opinions and feelings about the company’s services or products that might be detrimental to the success of their campaign. By getting the feedback, they would be able to modify the product or augment their services to make it successful once launched in the market.

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