Email Marketing, Spam And The Death Of Trust


The slow death of email marketing

The other day when I opened my email that I use for perusing different authors that I find interesting I was shocked at what I found. My main focus has always been about internet marketing, affiliate marketing and earning a living online. What I found in my inbox startled me! First of all there were over 1400 emails after 5 days of not logging in. That was shocking enough! What really caught my attention was the subject lines and the from lines. I have never been interested in dating sites, or online affairs or anything other than the main focus mentioned. Yet here in my inbox was offers for green energy products, affairs, products that I have never even heard of, and so on!

It then suddenly hit me! Email marketing is in the midst of a violent, and painful death! Now when I say that I don’t mean email marketing, I mean a spam-mail marketing of an old style. It dawned on me that the money really isn’t in the list! (WHAT? I can hear you asking!) It’s OK! You don’t have to change your entire marketing methods just yet!

The reality of the modern-day is that email marketing needs a drastic overhaul! Many people already know this, but 1400 emails in my inbox tell me that there are still people who need to be educated!

The problem that is evolving is that people who are trying to make an honest living with email marketing are having their emails deleted among the thousands upon thousands of junk emails that are sent out by people who have scraped, bought or otherwise stolen email addresses from multiple sources. They are making the concept of email marketing obsolete and this in turn is causing a reduction in the click through and conversion rates of real email marketing.

I am an email marketer, and I have found the best thing that you can do is to first build a rapport and trust with your subscribers. So when I say the money isn’t in the list, that is a bit of a misnomer. The money is still in the list, but your list needs to be different! Your list needs to be built based on trust, and based on the value that you offer them.

If you are marketing valuable offers and a valuable free gift that will HELP the person that opt’s in you will find them more apt to open future emails. The next thing you need to remember is to show them that you are real, and that you are genuinely interested in helping them succeed. Even if they never buy anything from you, you need to build trust. If your lead trusts you they are more likely to buy things, and they are definitely more likely to share your opinions and views with their friends!

Remember this the next time you sit down to start an email campaign, and consider the idea that if you offer something for free that is valuable you will be more likely to get an open, and then when they see your value they will open future emails as well

Thank you for reading this short article on email marketing and I encourage you if you enjoyed it to share it with your friends!

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