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Email marketing is one of the cheapest yet most popular way of soliciting sales. With just one click, you’d be able to send a lot of information to a group of people. At a reasonable price, you’d earn more with less worry and less stress.

The market size

Consider the fact the World Wide Web has gazillions of users, and if you only manage to get .01% of that, it’s already a large number. How in the world will you know whom to send those invites and emails to? Simple. Rent a list from service providers. Make sure though that these people are not on the Do Not Email list, otherwise you may receive spiteful and angry replies. Moreover, they might report you to the Better Business Bureau.

Another concern that you may need to address once you have the list is, how can you make sure that the emails you sent reached their destinations? The solution is easy: hire an email marketing service. These service providers can ensure you that your business would be looked into and taken cared.


Email marketing can be classified to several types. First is direct email. This is the type where your recipient receives an email solely intended for him or her. This is a kind of personalized email wherein invitations to special events and presentations of special offers are directly targeted to a specific person or group.

The next type of email marketing is called transactional email. This is where businesses take place, meaning a purchase or two was made. This is where the customer leaves his or her email, or sends a confirmation. This is the best opportunity for you to upsell or do cross selling of your other products and services.

The last type of email marketing is email newsletters or simply, newsletters. They are just like the normal newsletters you get in the mail. These email newsletters are sent out daily, and they’re all about information on new products and services, and also to build a relationship with your prospects and customers. It’s like letting them know you and your products more.

Solutions from services

Once you have subscribers, you need to respond to each and every query that they send over to you. And of course you can’t be online all the time to respond to all those emails. What you need is an auto responder, which is easily provided by email marketing services.

These services are user friendly and easy to use. They also have customer support available for you all the time.

One click, one solution. Email marketing service is the best way to get your money’s worth, and at the same time earning the way you’ve been wanting to.

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