Email Marketing: Opt For Opt-Ins


Email Marketing is used to send information, regarding a set niche, to recipients that agreed to receive newsletters from you. This method of marketing has been available since the internet started and, is still one of the most productive ways for gaining future clients while retaining current ones. This Marketing is a legal means of sending newsletters vial bulk emails if the intended targets chose to receive them.

Email Marketing requires strategic methods to get people to the intended site. Lead targeted traffic to an Opt-In, registration, site by means of other marketing methods. The Opt-In box specifically states that, upon entering their name and email, they are requesting to receive information and other free deals included in email newsletters from your site.

After they accept, a welcome letter, setup inside your mass mailer, should automatically be sent. Welcome them, explain what will be sent and how often, then thank them for subscribing. It is unethical to make people wait for the initial email.

DO NOT, by any means, send emails to someone that did not say yes to receive them. SPAM is unsolicited. Buying addresses to send SPAM is one reason many people choose to no longer receive newsletters.

A content packed newsletter which also sent free offers and freeware periodically ended up losing his whole list and business just by losing patience. He purchased emails and proceeded to start bulk mailing unsolicited emails. Becoming black-listed, bumped off his email server and unable to obtain his list his business went under. Don’t learn the hard way; patience is a virtue.

Advantages of email marketing include, but not limited to:

– generation of repeat clients
– targeted customers can be reached within a few seconds
– cost effective tool
– no paper work involved
– ability to reach potential buyers all over the world

Email Marketing should not always include a sales pitch in every email. Sending informative content filled newsletters about your niche, the reason they signed up in the first place, will keep them wanting more; gifting and informing them will make the chances for a sale inevitable. If they see you are helping them they are more apt to help you.

Newsletters containing too much useless and unorganized information are only saying you want them to unsubscribe. With this said; Your Email Marketing strategy should ALWAYS contain a working link for members to unsubscribe. Always give clients the chose to opt-in and opt-out.

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