Email Marketing Mindset – Tips For An Effective Email Marketing Campaign


In Internet marketing, I would argue that email marketing is the most important part of your business. You will make your most money with email marketing, you will develop your best relationships with email marketing and your business will grow as a direct result of your email marketing efforts. On the flip side, you can damage your business if you do the wrong things. Therefore, I’m going to give you some tips for writing an effective email marketing campaign.

The most important thing you want to accomplish with email marketing is you want to build a relationship with your reader. This is the ultimate goal because if you do, you’ll have a loyal customer for life. I would know… I only trust a few people I follow and I pretty much buy everything they have because I trust them.

So the first tip is to avoid hype with your emails. We hear enough hype in our lives every single day with everyone else trying to sell us the next ‘secret’ traffic source or whatever they have. We hear the hype from everyone, and frankly it gets a little annoying. Trust me when I say your readers will appreciate the fact you leave the hype out of your emails.

The next thing you should do is just be yourself, or be authentic. The sooner you be real to your readers, the sooner the right ones will like and trust you. Now I hope you noticed that I said the ‘right ones’ a second ago. What I mean by that is not everyone is going to like your style and not everyone is going to like your content… and that’s okay. The reality is you don’t want everyone anyways. Just be yourself and the people who like your style will come forward.

Another tip is the content you provide in your email marketing campaign must be authentic, and it must provide great value. The last thing you want to do is rehash what other people say word for word. Make it your own. Put your own perspectives in the content. Make it your style. Make it sound like you’re talking to your best friend. Remember, you’re building a relationship with your readers because they like you, not necessarily just your content.

Give out different content to your readers. Some emails can be articles, some can be blog posts, some can be videos or audios, whatever. The point really is to mix it up to keep your readers interested in what you’re doing. If you are predictable and they get the same style message every single day, there’s a chance you could alienate some readers, and you don’t want to do that.

Here’s a little tip about content… You actually can send out content emails with sales offers related to the content every single day. Marketers sometimes fall into the trap of forgetting to send out content and they just send out sales letters. You will lose people off your list if you do that too much. I know I personally send out an email everyday that’s filled with great content and if there’s a product or service that goes along with the content that can help them in their business, I recommend it to my readers. (FYI… that strategy I just gave you is a high-level strategy)

The last tip I want to give you is to not use auto-responders for large product launches. Use broadcasts. After the launch, you can evaluate which emails worked great and add them to your auto-responder later on. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have an effective email marketing campaign.

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