Email Marketing Mastery: How To Write An Email in 17 Minutes (Yes That Fast!)


For some reason when you ask the average person to write something they think it is about as hard as opening up a wrist and bleeding onto the keyboard.

I’ve heard that joke so many times that is has grown stale but for some reason that is how most people feel about writing. Copywriting, doubly so.

Then there are the rest of us – copywriters and writers alike who think there is nothing better than crafting emails, letters and written materials and that it is what we would do with our time just for the pure love of writing.

Especially when you are writing for your own business, cranking out emails to your list should be a routine and fast experience. Especially when you follow my 3 step process.

As part of any study of copywriting you should have a swipe file. If you don’t have one you aren’t a serious copywriter – get one.

The writing part is actually the final easy part. When you are prepared. If you are a halfway decent typist you can knock out 60 words a minute. Then in 17 minutes you’ll get 1040 words. Waaaay too many for most emails.

17 Minute Email Step 1:

Assemble a research file for your business. The beauty of research is that it once you’ve done it once and collected all that information it is forever at your finger tips. Yes this will take longer than 17 minutes but it is a do once task. Once it’s done it’s always there for you to go back to find information.

I’ll flip through my compiled research for my own business from time to time but use it often enough and it sits in your memory, providing you with fresh information.

17 Minute Email Step 2:

Use your swipe file to build a list of ideas of what you can write about. For me this has become subconscious. I can take an idea from my swipe file and then tie it to an idea from the research file. I’ll come up with a list of emails to write all at once.

17 Minute Email Step 3:

Sit and write without distractions. No internet, no drinks breaks, no walking around. By this time you should be able to sit there and hammer out the first cut of your email in less than 17 minutes assuming you are able to type at a decent speed.

Just keep writing from beginning to end. Get it out. Then take a break and reward yourself. I’ll write for 33 minutes then take a break. In that time I’ll hammer out a couple of emails or articles like this one.

How? Because I have a list of topics I want to write about, I have done all the research I already need to write about them. Then it is a simple case of the brain dump.

Then you need to go back and polish it up. Make sure that it is easy to read, interesting to read and is useful to the audience and that it persuades the audience to take the next step.

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