Email Marketing Lists: Getting Started


Building your business through email marketing lists can be highly effective as part of your marketing plan.

  • This is one of the most cost-efficient methods of Internet marketing.

So how is email marketing different?

The major difference between email marketing and the other marketing methods is that your target market will need to opt-in – or choose – to receive your marketing message.

  • This is your golden opportunity. It’s like an open-door invitation to share your information and expertise with your target market.

E-mail marketing lists is about acquiring new clients and building solid relationships with your current clients.

  • By now most of us know that our emails are collected through an opt-in form or squeeze (sales) page where visitors to an online site fill in their contact information to join an email list.
  • With auto-responder services, that information is automatically added to your email marketing lists with no action on your part – automation is great!

An auto-responder service uses a list of email messages that goes out in sequence, automatically. It won’t matter how many people sign up to your list or when they sign up.

  • They’ll get message #1 automatically, then message #2 set to go out automatically, message #3 a set time later again. You can also set the time you want the messages to go out. It’s a great way to systematize an email marketing routine.
  • When you use an auto-responder service, you can benefit by using the ‘personalize’ feature to call people by name. This helps you appear on top of things in a more personal way.

Now if there’s no one on your list, you’re not going to be building those business relationships that help build your credibility. Which means you won’t be making many sales.

  • Building your email list may be one of the best uses of your time.
  • It can be challenging – because it starts out slow. But, be persistent and consistent and the time you put into this project will pay off.

How to find your targeted audience:

1. Opt-in form on your site.

2. Use an opt-in page (or sales page) to send interested subscribers to.

3. Interviews – via phone and invite others to listen and learn.

4. Social Media

5. Article Marketing

Whatever efforts you decide upon, you will be offering something of value for free in exchange for their information. It really comes down to making offers that match your targeted market’s interests.

Your best solution to ’email marketing writer’s block’ is to put yourself in your clients’ shoes, use your own creativity and start communicating!

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