Email Marketing Lessons From The Gym


At last, I’ve got my brother into lifting weights.

Taken me long enough.

But he’s finally given in.

And he’s actually loving it.

But there was something he said in the gym yesterday which can help YOU make a lot more money with your email marketing.

Anyway, this is what he said:

“I’m feeling stronger already so I think it’s working.”

I said, “Well durrrr, course it’s working. After all, you’re getting stronger every session. The numbers you’re lifting don’t lie.”

And it’s the same with your email marketing.

See, in the gym, you know you’re getting stronger when you lift more weight.

If you lifted 100kg last week, and you lift 102.5kg this week, you know for a fact you’ve got stronger.

You know what you’re doing is working.

Common sense really.

Yet so many email marketers don’t actually track their results, meaning they don’t really know what’s working and what isn’t.

For example, they don’t track where they’re getting new leads from…

They don’t track what they should write in their ads…

And they don’t know how they should go about growing their email lists…

Which means, really, they’re relying on pure guesswork.

And trust me, if you’re relying on guesswork, you won’t have a business to run in two years time.

Yet when you track everything, you know for a fact what’s working and what isn’t.

Zero guesswork involved.

So just like my brother knows he’s getting stronger because he’s lifting more weight, you need to know everything you’re doing is working by tracking your results.

But there is one thing I can say for pretty much certain:

Sending a daily email to your list will get you more sales than pretty much anything else you can do.

I know this because I tracked my own results.

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