Email Marketing Is Still the Best Option for Online Businesses


Email is by far the most powerful form of online marketing there is. Email allows you to connect, engage, and bond with your prospects and clients.

Successful email marketing campaigns start with double opt-in, permission based, marketing funnels. Everyone on your list should have confirmed their subscription.

While this may result in fewer people giving you their name and email the folks that take the steps are showing they are interested in what you have to offer. Building a list in this way strengthens the lists value.

Using a third party ESP (Email service provider) to store your lists is highly recommended. Most ESP’s provide you with a layer for protection for complaints from people who have recycled email addresses, forgot they subscribed, or whatever reason they decide to complain. Do NOT spam.

7 reasons why you should be using email in your marketing efforts

1. You can engage your clients for feedback about your products or services.

Feedback from current clients is extremely valuable. You can tighten up your customer service, make changes to the product that appeals to more people, the list goes on and on.

You can do this in the form of a survey or simply email them asking them a question like, “Hey Bob, need a favor. Could you give me your feedback on the ordering process.”

Bob’s feedback is going to be gold.

2. Bond with Prospects.

Bonding is the process of building a strong relationship. When you bond with your prospects by helping them achieve results BEFORE they spend money with you you’re building a relationship of trust and authority.

Prospects will appreciate your efforts and want to spend money with you, someone who has helped them, instead of your competitors.

3. You’re not waiting for them to come to you.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other mediums rely on people finding you. Email allows you to reach out and start a conversation with them in their home, business, etc…

4. People prefer email over social media.

Dozens of studies over the years have shown that people prefer to do business with you through email over other mediums.

Once you’ve built a relationship with your client/prospect list the odds of them doing business with you are far greater than if you were to try using social media for example.

5. Emails are personal.

Even using automation to personalize each email you can bridge the gap making it personal for real.

Example, you send out an email that says, “Hey Firstname, are you still interested in XYZ?”

When “firstname” responds you can personally answer the email demonstrating there is, in fact, a real human being on the other end of the email.

Think of it like a really slow instant chat. This builds people’s confidence in you and your brand.

6. You can keep metrics on email performance.

How many people opened email X. How many people didn’t open it. How many people complained. How many people clicked the links in the email. All of this can be tracked and measured.

Studying your email metrics gives you powerful information you can use to improve your campaigns.

7. Instant Responses.

Have a product idea? Ask your list. Within hours you’ll start getting feedback on your idea.

Want to run a promotion? You can run it to a small portion of your list to instantly see if it’s going to fly or flop.

Building your email list should be high on your businesses “to do” list. Email will give you an unfair advantage over those who are not building lists in your industry.

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