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With the advent of technology, the internet has become one of the most effective marketing tools when it comes to marketing. This can be attributed to the millions of people who access the internet and make use of web based resources such as emails. In view of this, many companies and organizations have turned toward internet marketing strategies so as to be able to reach millions of potential clients. One such internet marketing initiative is through the use of internet email marketing.

What is internet email marketing?

Internet email marketing is a technique through which electronic mail is used to provide information to prospective clients about a product or service. In essence, the main goal of email marketing is to direct the attention of an individual to a particular website and in the process try to make a sale to all prospective clients. These emails can be in the form of E-newsletters.

Email marketing usually involves the sending of emails to prospective customers with the aim of sensitizing them about a product or service so that they could make a purchase. There are many web based agencies which offer this service but in order for such a campaign to be effective, the following techniques should be incorporated in the marketing strategy.

Targeted Direct Marketing

This one of the most effective techniques that is instrumental in generating sales for a given product or service. This technique usually targets individuals who search the internet for a specific product or service. Sending marketing emails to these individuals usually gives back more positive results as the individual is actually interested in the product or service.

Focus On Subject Line

You should focus on a specific subject line that will generate the interest of an individual on a specific product or service.


This is another aspect that should be taken into consideration when sending marketing emails. Individuals tend to be more receptive to marketing emails on certain days. Research should be done and the emails sent on these specific days.

Keep It Short

Large bodies of text are usually a turn off. It is therefore recommended that the emails should be short and straight to the point.

Avoid Spam Triggers

For your email to be considered relevant, avoid the use of spam triggering words such as free, sale and discount.

The effectiveness and popularity associated with email marketing can be attributed to a number of benefits. These benefits include:


Internet email marketing can be very flexible as a marketer is able to deal with a potential client on a one on one basis. The use of email can manage many things such as transactions and customer relations.

Better Relationship

Email communication between the customer and marketer builds trust and loyalty between the two parties.


Email marketing offers an interactive platform between the seller and buyer as correspondence can be done through emails.

Higher Conversions

A marketer has more control and can use testing and segmenting tools to come up with an effective campaign that can increase sales.

Global Outreach

With email marketing, an individual can be able to reach clients all over the globe since the internet is a global resource.


This kind of marketing technique is considerably cheaper when compared to other conventional marketing techniques.

It is highly recommended that an individual should incorporate internet email marketing so as to effectively market any product or service.

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