Email Marketing: How to Build Your List?


I have been list building since 2003/04. I built lists, then sold them. I built blogs and sites and sold them. Anything can be sold online, for as long as your business is lucrative and you sell it entirely, or parts to one buyer. You cannot really sell a list over and over again, as that’s illegal and immoral. But if that list is part of a site or blog, and you want to sell it and move over with something else, then that should be your exist option, just like with a regular brick and mortar business.

This is not to boast about my success or knowledge, but show you what is possible.

Anyway, the question is how to build your list. As with no list, you have nothing to sell, and nothing to monetize in the first place.

Your exit option is the end, and a new beginning. It should not be a goal in itself. Your main purpose though would be to develop a relationship with your prospects, subscribers and customers. You are starting a list not to fill your pockets with money, but to solve a problem or help other people to achieve their goals.

When you do so, money will follow. And before you move forward, you have to grasp the concept of money, and what that is. Look at money not as something that exist in itself, but perceive it as a form that has many facets, but its core is a value.

Money is not $100. Money is the value of what $100 can buy with it. There are big businesses who are successful, but their net worth is low, because they understand the power of cash flow and can generate large amounts of cash on a monthly basis. While there are other companies who are as successful, but their net worth is high (as they’ve invested their profit in cars and properties and gold and stocks, or whatever) and they have little cash from month to month.

And there are companies who have both because they understood the concept of money. And money should be imagined as a seed. You plan that seed into the ground. And within a year, or whatever, that seed will generate 10 other seeds or maybe (lots) more. A seed is a seed. You can plan it and it’ll grow, or it’ll never grow. But the more you plant, the more it will grow. This is not gambling, but an exact science. Any business who understands the numbers game, will run their venture not blindfolded, but by estimations, and will profit accordingly.

Those who overlook or skip the numbers and estimations, will turn into a lose game, as they did not understand the nature of money and its implications.

This article is not a tech guide on how to build a list, or how to add an HTML form to your site, there are plenty of free tutorials out there on YouTube/Google. What this article wants to leave you with is with the concept of list building. And that is planting seeds. Your relationship with people onto your list, individually, and as a group is the foundation of your business, so plan your seeds accordingly.

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