Email Marketing: How to Build Your List, Quickly


“How do I build my list?” is always on the minds of internet marketers. It’s by far the most puzzling riddle most people fail to solve quickly. But for me…

This is the WRONG question to ask.

You should be focussing on: ‘How do I get my name out in front of more prospective buyers quickly?’

Let me explain.

List building is fine but is everyone joining your lists going to be buyers? It really shouldn’t be about attracting a herd of people but attracting the right people to your business. Ones that are receptive to your offers and ones who wish to create and maintain a relationship with you. To actively seek the right people and the right connection take a look around you and see if there is another merchant whom your clients could do business with.


The fastest way to jump out in front of more people is to jointly market with another like-minded and complementary business. That is; to be introduced by another business to their lists in a reciprocal marketing marriage.

You do this by approaching another business who has a product or service which your client base should be attracted to and offer to send out an email introducing them. In return they do the same for you.

If you are into direct mail (and you should be as well as email marketing) this is often done with the business being introduced ‘writing and paying the postage’ for the privilege.

The online world is aghast with ‘affiliate programs’ and they work wonders. But I am not suggesting this is an affiliate program. It’s an introductory program whereby you are introduced as a sound and responsible business person who has products and services which may be of interest to another person’s lists.

You will get exposure you never had before and if your offers are valuable, than your lists will build. Certainly faster than many methods being touted over the internet.

Old fashioned style marketing of reciprocal introductions still works today.

It also helps overcome the biggest fear all new prospects have; which is TRUST.

When you are introduced by someone who is already trusted by their crowd your introduction will be welcomed.

So get to it and start writing out a list of businesses you know who have products and services which complement your customers’ desires. It could be businesses in the same group of shops as you. It could be businesses who have stalls in the local market. It could be other internet marketing friends who could introduce you as a trusted and honest person.

It doesn’t really matter – they will be there if you look.

Believe In Yourself

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