Email Marketing – How to Build an Effective Email Campaign


Email marketing is a brilliant and low-cost way to promote your products and services as it allows you to interact with your potential customers and so build up a relationship of trust and goodwill. In this article I am going to give you tips on how to build an effective email campaign that enables you to build a loyal following of subscribers who regularly invest in your programmes.

One of the main keys to an effective campaign is delivering great content on a regular basis. If all you do is promote your products you will have people unsubscribing very quickly as no one likes to be overtly sold to over and over again. Indeed it is best not to use any sales type language in your emails but rather refer or suggest that your readers visit your sales page to find out about your latest offering. You might even just have it as a clickable link at the end of your email without directly talking about it. Another way to lead into referring your product is to talk about how to solve a very specific and common challenge for your subscribers and then mention that if they want more detailed information and ideas they should check out your latest programme.

So to build an effective email campaign you need to have a mixture of content and sales or referral type emails. So what type of content emails can you include that will be attractive to your subscribers? Simple emails that show people how to do a specific task are always good, assuming it is a task that your market need and want to be able to do. Variations on this theme would be lists or tips such as “The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of… ” or “3 Simple Ways to… “

Fantastic content emails are those that involve case studies and testimonials from people who have had success working with you and using your products. It really helps your subscribers believe that they could benefit from your advice and support too. You could even include your own “stories” showing how you have tackled particular challenges that are relevant to your audience and got great results.

Another content email type involves a combination of asking your list to complete a survey, answers some questions or give you feedback in some way and then follow-up with an email or a series of emails that share the results and, if appropriate, answer the questions sent in.

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