Email Marketing – How Often Should You Email Your List?


I absolutely love this question because it has so many different answers, and they are all correct so to speak.

Here’s what I mean… There’s no right or wrong amount of emails to send out in one day. Now I wouldn’t send out 15+ emails per day, but there’s no harm in sending out 1-2 emails per day, or 3-5 emails per week, or 1 email per week, if they have this one crucial element… quality.

You see, the lack of quality or the lack of straightforwardness is what gets people in trouble with their lists. When this happens, your unsubscribe rate will shoot through the roof.

For instance, if you sign up to a list that is supposed to teach you about cat breeding, and you get 2 emails that have content teaching you what you want to know, but the next 12 emails do nothing but promote the next product they must buy in order to get the information they want, people will become upset and they will unsubscribe from the list.

Or if you subscribe to a list that is supposed to give you daily tips about Internet marketing but the content slowly transforms into content about their back end business opportunity, the trust is lost and the marketer is not being straightforward.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t promote your products to make money, but you can’t forget to include the quality in your content. You can’t have a 80/20 ratio of 80% sales pitch and 20% content. That just wont work.

A good rule of thumb is a 50/50 split. Send half of your emails as content emails and the other half as promotional emails.

But you can even take it to a deeper level. Why not provide quality content and promote products at the same time, keeping the 50/50 split. What if you wrote an email about how to use an email auto-responder system that gave them tips and insights, and then offered them a product that was related to email marketing?

That would be completely acceptable, and in fact, people would appreciate the fact that you actually taught something instead of just pitched them on a product. People will actually respect that and you will build more trust with your list this way.

So bottom line is you can send as many emails as you feel is right for your business, but don’t forget to include the quality in your emails or your efforts will get you nowhere.

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