Email Marketing – How Often Should I Send Emails to My List?


In this article I am going to address one of the most frequently asked questions about email marketing. How often should I send emails to my list? This is indeed a very important question because if you get it wrong you will either have a lot of people unsubscribing or you will have low conversion rates when it comes to promoting your products. When you get it right email marketing is a very effective way to sell your products, programmes and services. It allows you to build up a great relationship with your subscribers who will come to know and trust you as you drip feed them excellent content via your emails.

The actual frequency with which you send out emails may not be as important as the consistency with which you do it. Let me give you a couple of examples to explain what I mean. First example: if you have only sent out one or two emails a week to your list and then suddenly start to send out emails on a daily basis then you are likely to get a lot of unsubscribes. It will feel like you are suddenly really pestering them, even if the emails contain fantastic content, as they are just not used to getting emails that often from you.

Second example: sending out just one or two emails a week may be the right level for your particular niche but if you are not consistent about which days you send them out, and maybe even which times, then you are likely to find you have lower open rates and hence lower sales. Again it’s all about their expectations. You want your subscribers to be eagerly awaiting your next content-packed email. However it’s important not to make them wait too long or else they may forget you! So I wouldn’t send less than one email a week.

Before I suggest an email schedule to get you started, I’d like to say that the best way to decide on the frequency of your emails is to ask your subscribers. Ask them directly. You might do it in the form of a survey and give them a few options e.g. Is the number of emails I send you… ? About right. Too few. Too many.

So here’s a basic email campaign template to use, always remembering to tweak and adjust it to meet the needs of your particular niche. I would recommend that your autoresponder sequence of emails starts sending them out daily, or at least week days, within the first 2 – 4 weeks after which you might drop it down to every other day. This is because the majority of your subscribers will buy within the first month and once they do you need to move them on to a specific buyers’ list.

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