Email Marketing: How and Why You Need To Capture Leads


The truth is that not everyone who comes to your website will ever buy from you. The first chance of entering your site will not result in a long and lasting relationship unless you’re going to do something about it. So what are you going to do about these people whom you might never see again? Wouldn’t it be a waste to let them go just like that? Do you know how difficult it is to get that traffic to your site in the first place? You have to capture them before they click away and would never come back again.

But how do you capture them and what’s the purpose?

To capture them you need to have a “squeeze” page. A “squeeze” page is designed and created like a website or a sales letter. But the difference here is that you do not do any of your selling here. They have arrived at your squeeze page via your Google’s search on the relevant keywords searches which mean they are your potential prospects. They have come for a purpose-that is to look for information.

The purpose of the “squeeze” page as the name imply is to squeeze out whatever you want from your visitor. You are here to capture these qualified visitors and bring them to your site and to sell to them later. You capture them into your list by giving them a compelling reason for them to give their name and contact email addresses to you.

The essence of capturing their contact information is for you to follow up with them later through your emails and directing them to your sales page or sales letter. Your patience pays off tenfold when you bring them through your sales funnel selling to them from the cheapest entry-level product to the most expensive product, up selling and cross selling them along the way. All these could be possible because you’re able to get back to them at any time you wish.

As contrast with a sales letter or a web site, you’d either sell to them or they click away. If you have a list, if the first time you could not sell to them, you could repeatedly follow up with your emails and step up your selling pitch. You could do these all because they’re in your opt-in list and literally they could not run away.

Relevancy is the key to your success in capturing your leads in your squeeze page. If the keywords or phrase your prospects used in making their search in the search engine matches that of your squeeze page contents, wouldn’t it make them think that they have found the solutions to what they are looking for? If that is what they are looking for, wouldn’t it make your job much easier to draw them in your request for giving you the vital information that you required to make your email marketing a success?

Promise to give them free information about the topic your prospects are looking for and they are more than willing to opt-in to your list. In fact your freebies should be much higher in quality than what you are going to sell to them for this would increase your credibility and build trust about your expertise. They will eventually buy your product if they think that if your free sample is of such high quality then your actual selling product would indeed be even better.

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