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Ever heard the adage “The Money Is In The List”? One crucial component of your list building efforts is your squeeze page. A squeeze page, also known as a lead-capture page or a landing page, is a page that is created with the intention of getting prospects to join our email list, so that we can market our services and products. Usually, a free gift is offered in exchange for their email addresses. This free gift is known as a “freebie”.

Before beginning, we must first get the code for our Opt-in form from our autoresponder service. An opt in form is a form where the visitor must enter their email address, and/or first name to gain access to the free gift, whereas an autoresponder service is a service that helps you automate and regulate the emails that you send to your list. Popular autoresponder services include Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp.

Below Are The Conventional Methods Used To Create A Squeeze Page:

1.) Using HTML

It’s very easy to create a simple page from scratch using free HTML editors such as Kompozer and paid ones such as Dreamweaver. (comes with a 30-day free trial). Even if you have no prior experience in HTML, there are tons of free HTML templates online that come with their very own tutorials. It’s quick and easy. Simply Google the term “Free HTML squeeze page template” and you’ll find a range of templates to choose from.

2.) Outsource

Though usually unnecessary, some people opt to outsource. Outsourcing is idea when someone has more money than time, or doesn’t wish to deal with the tedium of creating their own squeeze page. You can find freelancers that will create your page at a low price at sites such as,,,, etc… Be as detailed as possible regarding your requirements and remember to give them your opt-in form code.

3.) Using Drag-And-Drop Editors

There are many programs online that allow you to drag and drop components of your page, allowing you to create your own squeeze page without any technical skills. One of the most popular programs is Unbounce. Visit and sign up for a free account. You’ll also have the option to host the page on your own domain, allowing you to maintain control of your page.

Components Of A Squeeze Page:

1.) A compelling headline
2.) A short description
3.) An Opt-In Form
4.) A call to action (Such as Submit, Sign Up, Enter, etc… )

Using the methods above, you’ll be able to build your very own squeeze page from scratch. With practice, you’ll be able to churn own squeeze pages in less than 10 minutes!

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