Email Marketing: Give Your Customer a Chance to Buy From You


Opt-ins can be a boon to boost your sales but it can also be a bane if the use of this marketing tool is not fully understood.

Imagine if you are interested in a topic you have opt-in and to your dismay your information that you have requested for is nowhere to be found in your inbox. Do you have to wait at hours or days before it’ll arrive?

No, as an internet marketer you do not have to follow the natural courses to the hilt. What is important is to bring your messages to your prospects that have opt-in immediately without any fuss. Why do your prospects have to wait when you can send it to them almost at an instant? Remember you have your autoresponder doing the job for you 24-hour a day.

The purpose of your opt-in marketing tool is to capture your prospect’s name and email address so that you could provide them with the information that they are requesting for and also to add it to your mailing list. But do not let it forget about your job in hand.

But what if your opt-in prospect wants to buy immediately? Are you going to start selling only after a sending out a few emails first before you begin your sales pitch?

Do not keep your buyer waiting while you still want to keep to your routine. Give them what they want, and if they want to buy now give them the link to your sales page. In fact you should have your link to your site or sales page in every single email you sent out.

The fact is people will buy at different phases in their buying cycle. Some will buy at the first instant when they understood the benefits that your product or services will bring them. Some will not be so persuaded and need a little more time to decide.

To ensure that your prospects will receive your information, you have to advise them to provide you with their primary email address and not any other addresses which they have no access to. This way you will only attract real people who are only interested in what you are doing and of course what you can offer them to solve their problems.

Give your customer a chance to buy from you, not once but for many more times to come. Study have found that people would more likely to continue buying from you once they have made purchases based on email offers from you whom they know and trust.

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