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A question I often get asked is how often should I be sending out email campaigns? Should I send them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, when there’s a full moon!? We all know that emails are a great way of staying in touch with your customers, keeping them informed and ensuring that your business is at the forefront of their minds when they are ready to buy, but if you keep popping up in their inbox then you will start to irritate.

From email marketing research, we know that over 70% of people who unsubscribe from emails do so because of receiving “too many emails.” As a business owner, I know it can be tempting to keep sending out information, offers etc because we know that sales is a numbers game. The more you contact, the more you eventually convert. This is true but you need to be sensible about it. Now, for some companies, we know that daily emails do work. Companies like Groupon or Living Social who send out daily deals for example. Obviously with those companies the clue is in the title, ‘daily deals’ promotion! Generally though, if you email your customers every day it starts to feel a bit like stalking! Emailing everyday is a good way to decrease your clickthroughs and opens and a great way to increase your unsubscribes. Why would you want to do that? And if you are still not convinced then maybe these stats will do the trick. Research undertaken by some larger companies have shown that even by reducing their email campaigns from twice a week to once a week they have seen a 50% drop in unsubscribes and a 80% increase in opens!

Once a month or once a week email campaigns are more acceptable and have proven to be the most successful. Anything less than that is not worth considering and you will soon become a forgotten entity in the plethora of emails that people receive. A monthly or weekly email will keep you visible and as long as you have good content then your customers will react to your emails when they are ready to make a purchase. Good, relevant content is critical. If you have got nothing to say, then don’t create an email campaign for the sake of it. People can tell when you are providing “filler” information in your content and will disengage with your overall message and ultimately, your ‘Brand’, which is not what you want.

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