Email Marketing for Wedding Planners


For a wedding planner, every weekend afternoon spent at a bridal expo is an afternoon he or she can’t plan a wedding. And while bridal magazines are among the few print products to maintain a decent circulation in the Internet era, there are better ways to spend that money-such as on email marketing for wedding planners!

Pardon the pun, but wedding planners and email marketing is a marriage made in heaven, one that combines old-fashioned word of mouth while introducing the wedding planner to the widest audience possible. Think about it: at a bridal expo, a planner is only reaching the people there. And those bridal magazines are so large and chock full of ads that it’s too easy to get lost in the shuffle. But email marketing for wedding planners delivers the message directly to those for whom it is intended-the bride and groom to be.

The most obvious place to begin an email marketing campaign is at weddings, which are always filled with unmarried couples getting ready to take the plunge who are taking notes on what does and doesn’t work during the ceremony and reception. A wedding planner can promote him or herself and allow guests to stay in touch by placing a clipboard next to the guest registry and inviting them to jot down their email addresses.

The best thing about wedding planners and email marketing is that the campaign can be executed slowly over time as the planner begins to rely less and less upon traditional means of promotion. Someone who has committed to a bridal expo can solicit email addresses there and let patrons know it’s the best way to stay in touch moving forward. And someone who is still placing ads in bridal magazines can make sure to include an email address and note how advantageous it is to be on the email list to be eligible for special offers or discounts.

The software, meanwhile, is easy to install, manage and customize. It is a one-time expense that will allow a planner to save money in the short and long run. And presuming that most wedding planner these days are adept with computers, he or she can easily handle the software and avoid the need to add staff. Most importantly, an email marketing message can be customized so that it includes personal salutations, the planner’s logo and contact information as well as bits of information about the planner plus links to his or her website and the accompanying pictures of previous weddings or client testimonials.

Email marketing for wedding planners is a great revenue and promotional stream that most in the field have yet to experience. Don’t play “catch up” with your competition – begin your email marketing agenda today!

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