Email Marketing For Senior Citizen Centers


Ads in the phone book and Yellow Pages are a better investment than a newspaper ad, but senior citizen centers need to provide gentle reminders of their presence to potential patrons, many of whom are living alone and uncertain about venturing into something new and unknown. How can they encourage newcomers to come to the center while reminding regular visitors of all the center has to offer? The answer is email marketing!

A senior citizens’ center email marketing campaign will achieve a pair of essential objectives for the center by cutting costs and delivering the message straight to the target audience. The idea that senior citizens would be relying on email for news would have sounded ludicrous 15 or even 10 years ago. But with more senior citizens jumping aboard the information superhighway than ever before, an email marketing plan is the best way to reach seniors!

Email marketing allows these establishments to provide the type of interactive advertisement newspapers and even television commercials cannot offer. In addition to listing the essentials such as address, contact information and operating hours, an email can include a schedule of upcoming events, photos of people at the center and even videos of some of the fun activities that take place at the center. What better way is there to convince people to come to a senior center than by showing them what they are missing?

Even those senior citizens who do not use email can be reached via email marketing efforts. Often times, it is the children and/or grandchildren who investigate senior centers on behalf of their elders. The “next generation” can sign up to receive emails from a senior citizen center and then let their parents or grandparents know the types of events that are taking place there, from lunches and dinners to movies, card game tournaments and performances by local music or theatre groups.

In addition, senior citizens who use email but who aren’t the ones checking out senior citizen centers online can still receive these forwarded messages from their children, grandchildren or friends. The email marketing software required for these campaigns makes it very easy to forward messages to other interested people, which can only help generate further business for the centers. Just as importantly, this software is inexpensive to purchase and easy to install and manage. There is no need to add staff to implement and/or handle these email marketing projects. Add it all up and aemail marketing campaign is a win-win for those who operate the center as well as those who visit it!

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