Email Marketing for Online Retail Space: A Safe Bet!


Overall, the entire retail space is divided in two broad sections. The first section belongs to the big players. They occupy substantial space of the market because of the already existing brand equity. The second section belongs to the small players. They are the ones who are trying to make a mark for themselves. However, there also exists a third section. These retail players may not operate on grand scale but they clock substantial profits on regular basis; the difference being the smart use of email marketing for online retail tactics that virtually guarantees success.

It is a well known fact that conventional means of marketing in the world of Internet don’t work too well. Their success is directly proportional to the investment made. However, email marketing can make a huge difference to the bottom-line of all kinds of enterprises. Employing this form of brand promotion, firms can sustain and enhance their goodwill. This is easier in case of the online retail space because of extremely targeted promotion which cannot happen in case of any conventional form of advertising.

Initiating operations for online retail can help the brand in creating a permanent customer base. From the customer’s point of view, this form of mass marketing works in a very restricted way. It respects the privacy of customers and connects the brand with only those customers who are genuinely interested in buying. Being a high ROI (Return on Investment) tool for modern-day business men, email marketing in the online domain is a safe bet in every way. So, if it is about venturing into online retail space, it’s best to go about it through email marketing.

So, now that it has been established that email marketing for online retail is indeed, the best choice, it’s time to understand the kind of details that go into making the whole thing work. The best approach is to include the email address in the feedback form, and also ask the salespersons at the check-out counter to ask customers whether they would like to join the emailing list of the organization for new offers on their favorite products. This would not only ensure that people have an idea of the fact that they would receive promotional mails, but also help the organization in building up an opt-in email marketing database, which would result in better results with regards to click through cases, as well as emails landing in the inbox instead of the spam or junk mail.

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